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All of the following audio seminars are one hour in length, with the exception of the Opening Statement and Prospecting at the Top Level programs which are two-hour double seminars.

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How To Easily Develop Openings and Voice Mails That Generate Interest and Avoid Resistance

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How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic During A Sales Call

Here are commonly-used phrases can make you sound pathetic during a sales call. You should avoid these at all costs! You will find yourself nodding your head at many of these, saying, 'I know, I hate when people say that!' (And perhaps, you mind hear some things you say now.) What you say and how you say it will go a long way in differentiating you from the vast majority of mediocre salespeople that you're competing with.

How to Turn More Follow-Up Calls Into Sales

In this one-hour audio seminar, you will hear what to do, and avoid, in order to,

  • quit wasting time with people who will never buy from you,
  • shorten your sales cycle times, moving people to a buying decision more quickly,
  • sell at higher levels.

Art presents his own tips and strategies, and also interviews a number of other sales experts to get their best how-to practices on following up effectively.

How To Easily Develop Interest-Creating Openings That Generate Interest

Hear exactly what to do, and avoid to create interest at the beginning of calls.

Price Cutting is for Sissies- How to Avoid Cutting Price, and Even Sell Price Increases During Tough Times

It's important to avoid cutting prices all of the time, but especially more so now during a challenging economic environment. Sales expert, Mark Hunter, aka "The Sales Hunter," shares his time-tested strategies and tips for selling at your full price and not falling into the bloodbath of price-dropping and commodity selling. He details his 10-Step Pricing Timeline, which give you the blueprint for selling at your full price, and/or selling a price increase. He shows you how to handle the customer who threatens to leave if you won't match a competitive discount. You will also learn how to still get your price when a purchasing agent is involved, plus much more!

How to ELIMINATE Personal Sales Rejection Forever... And Make More Sales!

In this one-hour audio seminar, Ari Galper of the "Unlock the Game" prospecting system shares the three mindset principles and specific word-for-word techniques that diffuse pressure, get to the real truth from the prospect, and positions you as a problem solver.  Just one or two of these unique techniques could be worth thousands of dollars to you!

Take the COLD out of Cold Calling

In this one-hour seminar featuring Sam Richter, author of the best-selling book of the same title, he shares amazing web search secrets to hel p you Smarten up your calls. Here's the difference between being percevied as a smiling and dialing pest, or as a welcome guest.

Screw the Recession: 17 Ways to Get Sales Up When the Economy is Down

Sales expert, Jim Meisenheimer is interviewed by Art Sobczak shares 17 common sense, practical, instantly-useable ideas to boost your sales while others are complaining about the economy.

How to Quickly Earn Trust By Phone On Your Sales Calls, and Build Strong Customer Relationships

Sales reps are always told they need to build trust in order to sell, and to build solid customer relationships. But exactly HOW to do that, especially by phone, has always been the question left unanswered in most training.In this one-hour audio seminar, Tom Searcy, founder of the training and consulting company, Hunt Big Sales, and author of the book, "Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company," shows how to build trust by phone in your sales process. Tom shares specific strategies and tactics you can use right now to quickly earn trust, and move prospects and customers from the most basic stages of connection, to them viewing you as an indispensable part of their team.

Voice Mail Strategies That Sell!

It is a fact that most salespeople reach voice mail more often than their desired prospect or customer. The dilemma becomes, what can we do to get through more often and quickly, and get more calls returned?

In "Voice Mail Strategies That Sell!" a 55-minute audio program, Art interviews sales training expert, Colleen Francis, who shares her Three-Step Voice Mail Success Script.

In addition, she provides a number of tips and techniques for voice mail, and working with screeners in getting to the decision maker, and selling.

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