Audio Seminars

All of the following audio seminars are one hour in length, with the exception of the Opening Statement and Prospecting at the Top Level programs which are two-hour double seminars.

Click on the titles for a more detailed description, to listen to the programs, and to download the audio files and transcripts.

How to Prospect at the Top Management Level: What to Say and Do to Get Through to and Sell the Highest-Level Buyers

If you do any prospecting at all, especially at the highest level, even the C level, you must listen to this two-hour audio seminar in which Art interviews sales expert, Paul DiModica. Paul specializes in working with, and selling to the executive levels and shares his secrets for being successful at that level.



Getting and Keeping a Successful Telesales Attitude

All of the sales techniques known to man are essentially worthless unless you have a positive sales attitude. In this one-hour audio seminar, Alan Zimmerman, author of the book, Pivot- How One Turn in Attitude Can Lead to Success, shows exactly what you need to do to get, and keep your motivational fires roaring so you can perform and sell at the highest levels. You'll hear: how to stop your negative thoughts, how to lose the fear of risk, how to be enthusiastic all of the time, how to avoid rejection and failure, and much more. This seminar will not only help your sales, but all aspects of your life!

The 12 Best Questions to Ask Prospects and Customers

In this audio seminar, Art interviews sales strategist, Jim Meisenheimer, who hold back nothing as he gives, word-for-word, the 12 questions that have put millions in his pocket

How To Create a Network of Endless Referrals

Art interviews referral expert Bob Burg. If you use the phone to get new business, you know you’d rather call a great referral than make a prospecting call. Bob shows us what to say, and what not to say and do (which most people do, by the way, and fail) in order to have people who WANT to refer you to others.

How To Sell Value, Get Full Price, and Overcome Price Resistance and Objections

Art interviews sales trainer, author, and successful businessman, Bill Lee. Bill is an expert on selling value, and getting your price. He shares a number of secrets and tips you can use right now to quit giving away dollars of pure profit. You’ll hear, the one mistake that salespeople make, that ensures you will not be able to sell on value; the technique that all expert purchasers learn in "buyers school" in attempts to get you to reduce your price, and what to say in response; other price-dropping negotiating tactics you’ll get hit with, and how to prepare for them; exactly how to respond to price objections, and much more!

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