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Welcome to the audio tip archives. Audio Tips are brief lessons, ranging from approximately four to seven minutes on one topic. They are perfect for groups for shorter sales meetings, or as resources anyone can access anytime they need information on a specific area. You can listen here online, or download the mp3 file.

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Prevent Price From Becoming An Issue

How should you deal with price resistance and objections? Easy. Prevent it from coming up in the first place. Here are ways to pre-empt the price issue so it's not a problem later. (running time: 4:33)

Handling the "We don't need it" Objection

Do you ever hear the "We don't need it" objection? Most of us have. What's teh best way to deal with it? How about preventing it from coming up in the first place? Here are ideas for avoiding it.  (Running time 5:48)

How to Position What You Say as Credible

A major hurdle we often need to overcome is how to position ourselves, company, and offer as credible to someone who is not familiar with us. Here are some ways to do that effectively. (running time: 4:15)

Don't Tell Them What You Can Or Will Do

In your openings, don't tell them what you can or will do, such as saving money, or cutting costs. Huh? That doesn't make sense. Yes, it does, listen to why in this audio tip.

Handling the "Not now" Objection

So you have a prospect, or so you think, but they say they can't move right now. Are they real? Here's what should you do to either move them forward, or move them out.

Don't Use the "Cocktail Party" Opening

Often reps will open a call with "I just wanted to introduce myself." Who cares? Save that for the cocktail party. Here's what to do instead.

Meaningless Words Hurt Your Call

There are certain words and phrases that are meaningless, take up valuable time, and therefore create resistance. For example, "cost effective," "solution provider," and many more. Here is what to avoid, and what to do. (running time: 3:37)

Doing a "Data Dump" Ensures Resistance

If you called someone and simply talked about all of the great aspects of your product or service, you are doing a "data dump." They want to hear what THEY are interested in, otherwise you are creating resistance. Here's how to avoid the "dump." (running time: 4:21)

If I Could Only Give One Piece of Advice to a New Salesperson, it Would be This

The title says it all. Here's the one thing I would say to a new salesperson that would help them avoid lots of agony and get early success. (running time: 4:14)

Don't Sell on Lowest Price, Be the Least Risk

Despite what it might seem, most people don't buy lowest price, they buy the least risk. Here's how you can do that and maintain your margins. (running time: 4:35)

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