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Welcome to the audio tip archives. Audio Tips are brief lessons, ranging from approximately four to seven minutes on one topic. They are perfect for groups for shorter sales meetings, or as resources anyone can access anytime they need information on a specific area. You can listen here online, or download the mp3 file.

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DO Ask a Question They Can Say "No" To in Order to Save Time

Some people suggest you never ask a question they can say NO to. Actually, the opposite is true: Make it easy for them to say NO, and you'll move more people forward more quickly, and not waste time with non-prospects. (running time: 3:21)

They'll Spill Their Mind, IF You Let Them

It's amazing what people will tell you, if you just let them, and prompt them a bit. Here's how to learn exactly what they are thinking. (running time: 3:53)

How to Never Feel Rejected

A myth of sales and prospecting is that you need to love rejection. Of course that is not possible. Here's how you can avoid that feeling entirely and get wins on every call. (running time: 5:50)

Objection Rebuttals Do Not Work. Do This Instead

To think that you can "overcome" an objection with a "rebuttal" that tells someone they are wrong is laughable. Here's the process you need to go through to conversationally deal with resistance. (running time: 4:47)

Follow-Up Opening to Avoid: "The Lost Traveler Opening."

Here's another popular, but bad, opening that you should avoid on your follow up calls, and what to do instead to have success. (running time: 4:48)

Avoiding the "Just Checking In" Opening

One of the worst ways to open up a call to a customer is saying that you are "just checking in." That adds no value, and is a waste of the customers time. Here's what to do instead. (running time: 4:42)

How to Not Cave in to Price Concession Requests

A dollar you give away is always a dollar of pure profit. Here's how to stand firm on your price, and still win the sale, and make them happy. (running time: 4:17)

"Good Enough" Never Is for Sales Superstars

When someone says an effort is "good enough," they typically are destined for mediocrity. Here are some ideas to reach the highest level of success and attitude. (running time: 4:50)

Handling "I Want to Think About It"

We all have head "I want to think about it" from prospects and customers. It can be legitimate, or a blow off from someone who will just waste your time. Here's what you should do to tell the difference. (running time: 4:58)

When and How to Go Over Their Head to the Real Buyer

When you are talking to someone who doesn't really have the power to buy from you, you do not want to simply go over their head. Do it with their permission and buy in. Here's how. (running time: 3:34)

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