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Welcome to the audio tip archives. Audio Tips are brief lessons, ranging from approximately four to seven minutes on one topic. They are perfect for groups for shorter sales meetings, or as resources anyone can access anytime they need information on a specific area. You can listen here online, or download the mp3 file.

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Forget About "Benefit Lists." Create a Question List Instead

Benefits are not universal to everyone, so therefore you can't present them the same way on every call. You should have a Question List instead of a benefit list. (running time: 3:59)

Get a Commitment to Move the Process Forward

You should get some type of commitment before agreeing to a follow up call. Otherwise, you might be chasing someone who has no intention of ever buying from you. Here's how. (running time: 4:08)

"How are You Today?" Should You Say It, Or Not?

Seems like everyone has an opinion on asking, "How are you today?" at the beginning of a call. Here is Art's take on the issue, and what you should do. (running time: 6:15)

Do Not Ask if They are the Decision Maker in Your Opening

You do not want to start your call by opening with, "Are you the person there who makes the decisions on ..." Here's what to do instead. (running time: 5:17)

Asking for Help: It's Good and Bad

Asking for help is exactly what you want to do with assistants and others when you do your "social engineering" on calls. But, you do NOT want to ask the decision maker for help in your opening. Hear why in this brief audio tip. (running time: 3:03)

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