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Get More Done With These Tips

Here are two powerful techniques to help you accomplish more.

Define What Sets You Apart

Sell a commodity-type product?  Here's what to do to creat a list of reasons why people should buy from you.

Try This Close

Here's a simple-to-use statement and question to help close the sale.

Think About What is Really Important to Get Over a Fear of "No"

If fear of picking up the phone, or of getting a no is hindering your calling, it’s time for a reality check.

To Be a Top Earner, Do These Things

Jeb Blount explains: If you study what successful people do, you find patterns. When you duplicate those patterns, you are able to duplicate their success.  Here are the seven mindsets of top earning sales pros.

Are You Losing Your Prospects at Hello?

Jill Konrath explains that instead of capturing their prospect’s attention, most sellers create resistance with their opening remarks and blow the opportunity.  Here's what you need to be doing.

Question From a Sales Pro About Call Frequency

Art answers the age-old question regarding exactly how often you should make an attempt to reach a prospect.

Don't Miss on the “Amateur Side”

Often when inexperienced salespeople hear the first hint of a possible need, pain or problem, they tend to jump in and begin pitching their product or service. Which isn't the most effective route.  Here's what to do instead.

Seven Tips for Leaving a Good Prospecting Voicemail

Sales expert Mark Hunter provides a seven step process for creating effective voicemails which leave a good impression on the listener and will help you get through to buyers more often.

Give This Killer Opening a Try

Jim Domanski invites you to test thisexcellent opening statement and see what kind of impact it has in terms of getting and keeping your prospect's attention.

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