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Welcome to the Training Library. Here you will find tips and processes that range from a brief tip presented in a sentence or two, to an entire step-by-step process presented in a more lengthy lesson.

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Try This to Persevere During Tough Times

Got a tough situation that's making you cross?  Solve it by crossing your arms instead!

Probing and Follow-Up Questions to Use

Here are some great probing and follow-up questions to use.

Use the Email to Summarize

Here's how to use email effectively in order to move the sales process forward.

Salvage Something From Quick Blow Off's

Here's a simple technique for dealing with a quick blow-off by a prospect which may get you back in the game.

Have a Sense of Humor About Your Difficult Name

If you have a name that looks like spilled alphabet soup, you can use it to your advantage to break the ice and build rapport.

Calling to Confirm, Or Cancel?

Al Davidson explains that calling to confirm can inadvertently give your prospect the opportunity to back out of the appointment.  Here's how to ensure that doesn't happen.

Most Voicemails are Horrible; How to Leave a Compelling One

Steli Efti explains how to utilize voicemail as a selling tool that can make a good first impression, start an ongoing relationship, or close your next deal.

Slow Down, Unplug, Take Interest, Really Connect, and Make a Difference

Something a bit different than a typical sales tip, but it could have a HUGE impact on your life and those around you.

Prepared Questions Get Bettter Answers

Tibor Shanto explains why sellers need to put effort into planing their interations with prospects and why the answers to your questions are only as good as the questions themselves.

THIS is What Prospects are Most Interested in Talking About

Remember, people are more interested in talking about themselves than they are food or money.

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