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The ABC’s of Finding the Hottest Prospects

Craig Elias tells you how finding the hottest prospects is simply being first in with those who recently experienced an event that triggered them to become dissatisfied with the status quo.

Prep Yourself for Prospecting Calls

Here’s technique I saw on the site for prepping yourself for prospecting calls.

How to Avoid "Throwing Up" on Your Prospects

Meaning you should stop talking about your products and services before you've asked questions, uncovered needs and desires, and built a relationship with the person.

This Negative Technique CAN be used Positively When Done Correctly

The theory lies in the fact that people want what they can’t have.

Psychological Principles That Make People More Likely to Buy

I’m by no means suggesting you use either of these in any way that does not have the prospect’s best interest in mind. I’m just pointing out the psychological principles at work here, and getting you to ponder how they might apply in any scenario you encounter.

Eight Ways to Start a Sales Call So Prospects Don’t Hang Up On You

Here’s a post that originally appeared in the Hubspot blog (, and was written by UK sales trainer and author, Sean McPheat . (You can see his blog at

Seven Invaluable Life Lessons: My Husband’s Legacy

Jill Konrath shares a deeply personal life story which could have tremendous impact on your sales and your life in general.

If You Want to Win More Sales, STOP Asking These Weak Questions!

Bill Cates explains how relevant research creates relevant questions, which in turn creates relevant conversations that enable you to sell more.

Creating Your Effective Escalator Speech

Jim Domanski explains why a good escalator speech is more effective than the usual elevator speech we've all been taught to use.

How to Tell if It's a Hot Prospect or Time Waster

Craig Elias shows you how to quickly tell a hot prospect from a time waster.

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