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Does Your Prospect Truly Understand You?

Here's why it is important that you not only speak clearly, but use the proprer equipment to ensure your prospects accurately hear what you are saying.

How to Avoid Creating Objections for Your Prospects

Many objections aren’t even present until the salesperson brings them up.  Here's a simple tip to help you avoid sabotaging your own calls.

STOP Giving Away Pure Profit!

Master negotiator, Roger Dawson, offers some tips for handling the “How much do you charge?” question.

How Do YOU Look by Phone?

As a salesperson, if you woried as much about how you "look" on the telephone as you do in the mirror, you'd likely be selling more.

Voicemail Sales Tips: Messages That Prompt Callbacks (The WERCS Model)

Paul Cherry explains how the WERCS model helps you create engaging, thought-provoking voicemail messages that encourage prospects to call you back.

You WILL Encounter Gatekeepers. Here's How to Deal With Them

Jeb Blount explains there are no secret techniques that will get you past gatekeepers.  There are, however, seven strategies, that will give you an edge when dealing with them.

Get Them to Forecast Buying From You

Here's how salesperson Herbert Fernandez turns an opporunity for a one-time sale into an entire year or more worth of business.

Sales Qualification Questions You Can Use

John Barrows of the Sales Hacker Blog provides you with the top sales qualification questions you should ALWAYS ask your prospect.

A Word Here or There Can Make a Difference

Use your words to get people thinking in terms of investing with you, as opposed to spending.

Four Tips for Effective Pre-Call Sales Planning

Jill Konrath offers four tips on finding enough information on prospects in order to craft more relevant sales messages they'll more likely respond to.

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