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Dreaming for Success

To achieve more, don't just focus on doing.  Take some time to do a little creative dreaming in order to obtain greater results.

Here's Why to Place the Call

Tibor Shanto explains why the idea that “telephone prospecting is ineffective,” is flat out wrong.

The MOST Effective Way to Communicate

The purpose of automation should not be to avoid human interaction, but to have better human-to-human communication.

Are You Providing Personalized, Customized, Tailored Value?

Humans talking to humans is THE most effective way to communicate.

How to Create Effective Call Scripts

Elise Musumano explains the science behind creating and using sales call scripts to super-charge your selling efforts.

Go for the Sale Every Time

Here's why you should go for the sale EVERY time somone calls you for a price quote or with a question.

Say THIS, not THAT

How it affects them grabs and keeps their interest. To do that, use words like these.

Beware of Those Using You To Get a Better Price From Their Vendor

It’s totally your fault if you fall victim to this.  Here's how to avoid this common problem.

Before Agreeing To A Concession, Get A Commitment To Buy

Too many sales reps cave in to a price demand, for example, and then are blindsided again with another, “Oh, by the way, we also want ...” Ensure this doesn’t happen.

Write Down Your Voice Mail Messages

Abrief tip on managing voice mail overload.

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