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Welcome to the Training Library. Here you will find tips and processes that range from a brief tip presented in a sentence or two, to an entire step-by-step process presented in a more lengthy lesson.

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The Perfect Sales Voicemail Script blog, have a version of perfection regarding voice mails.

Sales Questions to Avoid

Jeremy King is part of the leadership team at Element Three wrote in the HubSpot blog about dumb sales questions you should avoid. Here are a couple.

Annoying Voice Mail Messages - How to Create the Perfect One

Jim Domanski explains why the majority of voice mails are never returned and what you can do to keep this from happening to you.

Voicemail Tips

Here are some voicemail tips on the website, Insurance Splash, run by John Carroll.

Avoid Objections When Prospecting

Tibor Shanto explains that while you will never be able to avoid objections, you can do things to limit the number of potential objections, and keeping them to a predictable and manageable set.

What to Do When a Prospect or Customer Quits Responding

A technique I was reminded of recently is effective when someone quits responding. So, as a last resort, politely threaten to "close their file"

Why Trying to Beat Gatekeepers Ends Up Beating You

Here's a variation of a tip I've discussed and present in training.

Don't Distract Your Listeners With Annoying Speech Habits

Annoying habits can distract listeners from the message. And as salespeople, we all know it’s difficult enough to get people to listen, so we naturally don’t want them to focus on habits at the expense of our message.

When and How to Send Something in Advance of a Prospecting Call

I'm often asked about sending something in advance of a prospecting call.  Here's my response.

How to Personalize Questions for Greater Sales Success

If you can personalize your questions and come across more as a real person, you will differentiate yourself from other salespeople, and help the prospect to not view you as one.

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