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The Only Three Questions You’ll Ever Need (In A First Sales Meeting)

Ago Cluytens explains If you want to uncover the full range of how you could potentially help your prospects, these three sales questions can give you an excellent start.

The Most Productive Sellers Do This

Jill Konrath explains that in order to get more done, you have to know when to do less.

Send a Letter Before a Prospecting Call, Or Just Make the Call?

Art shares his thoughts about sending out a letter before calling for the appointment.

How To Cope With The No's

Art explains why it is as important to percieve "No's" as sales victories as when hearing "Yes."

Closing More Inquiries

Art answersa reader's question on whether to attempt to close more existing prospects or invest in additional leads.

“Take Me Off Your List. Never Call Me Again.”

Jeb Blount explains how to quickly recover from immediate brush-offs, control your reactions to them and - in some cases - convert these hostile prospects into happy customers.

Secure the Renewal Early

Here's a simple yet effective question Jennifer Flint uses to ensure higher renewal rates from her customers.

Put Them in the Picture So They Pay Attention

Put your prospects and customers in the picture so they can see how what you have will positively affect them.

Change Your Outlook to Avoid Rejection

Here's a bit of sales advice we can all learn from Jama Clark, PH.D.

When You’re Not Familiar With the Competitor

Here's a brief and simple technique which will help you easily uncover information about the competition.

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