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When They DO Buy, Be Sure It Is From You

Art discusses methods for staying in touch with prospects who may not be ready to buy now, but who have potential for being future high-profit customers.

Annoying Habits Distract Listeners

Art shares a personal experiance where a speaker's annoying habit distracted from thier message, and how these same habits could be hindering your sales efforts.

The Two Levels of Agreement Needed to Close

In many sales situations there are two levels of agreement you must pass in order to get the sale: 1. agreement that they will indeed take action on their need, problem, or situation, and, 2. agreement that you will be the one to help them do it.

Learn Their Buying Progression

When questioning, it’s useful to isolate the steps the prospect follows when making a decision. Here are some fine ideas from the book, "Guerrilla Selling," by Bill Gallagher, Orvel Ray Wilson, and Jay Conrad Levinson.

Avoid This Useless Question

Here’s a virtually worthless question: It occurs after a prospect says, "I’m buying from ABC Company," and then the sales rep says, "Oh, is everything going OK with them?", or, "How are they working out for you?"

Some Time-Tested Sales Success Ideas

Sales Expert Jim Meisenhheimer summarizesthe most important sales lessons he has learned from "How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling." By Frank Bettger.

How to Build Instant Credibility

It’s not enough to have a good offer for your prospects. You must be perceived as credible so that it’s believable.

What You Do Not Say Increases Your Sales

Listening, is the key to establishing a "relationship" with your clients. As the customer begins to perceive you understand his world, relationships grow and sustain themselves. Sales trainer Jim Domanski provideds tips and ideas on how to improve your listening skills.

Listen for Other Phones

Telesales Rep College graduate David Perkins shares a tip on how a top-notch sales rep can easily create a favorable impression with prospects and customers.

Look for the Screener

Telesales Rep College graduate Jim deBender shares an easy-to-do tip for making a very favorable impression with call screeners.