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Call When They're By Their Phone

Telesales Rep College alumni Mike Turner reveals a secret for getting through to difficult-to-reach customers and prospects.

Get Their Buying Projections

Telesales Rep College alumin Herbert Fernandez  reveals a simple technique for improving your pricing and increasing the size of the order at the same time.

How to Sell When the Ultimate Decision Maker is Protected

We’ve all had those prospects that we weren’t getting too far with, and knowing they weren’t the ultimate buyers anyway, had the urge to go above them to the big boss. Don't do it!  Here's what to do instead.

Listen for Their "Problem Trigger" Words

Listen carefully for these inviting words that will help you zero in on their specific reasons for buying...and buying from you.

Prepare a "Not to Do" List to Manage Time

Want to save more time, and get more done in the time you have?  Here's a simple technique to help you do just that.

How to Keep the Door Open After Losing a Sale

Here's a brief tip to help you set the stage for a possible future sale, even when you don't get it in the present.

How to Eloquently Dump a Prospect

Knowing how to move on when you realize a prospect isn’t worth your time is just as important as knowing how to handle one who has potential.

Sales Tips From "Marketing Magic"

Here are tips from the book, "Marketing Magic: Proven Pathways to Success."

Unload the Loaded Question

Here are a couple of points on effective questioning, and answering questions, from Dianna Booher, in her book, “Communicate With Confidence.”

Do You Have Any Clue As to Why People Buy What You Sell?

Unless you have an inside-and-out understanding of all the possible reasons people buy from you, you're likely inviting objections. That's because you're probably selling what you want to sell, or talking about what the company's marketing department tells you are "benefits." People buy for their reasons, not yours.