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Prepared Questions Get Bettter Answers

Tibor Shanto explains why sellers need to put effort into planing their interations with prospects and why the answers to your questions are only as good as the questions themselves.

THIS is What Prospects are Most Interested in Talking About

Remember, people are more interested in talking about themselves than they are food or money.

Simple Questions That Are Incredibly Effective

Here a three simple-to-use questions you can utilize on virtually any sales call.

Create Uniqueness With Commonalities

Want to build rapport quickly and get people to like you more? Notice, and bring up similarities.

Take Away Their Skepticism

I believe getting paid based on what you produce is the greatest thing in the world. But if you are not on commission, it removes skepticism.

How to Get People to Sell Themselves

Ask questions like these to get people to sell themselves on your product or service.

How to Take the Prospect's Temperature

Using "check questions" throughout the sales process helps you get a feel for how prospects are reacting to what you're saying.

Don't be Threatening When Responding to an Objection

Here's a good, non-threatening way to respond when you hear an objection:

Four Simple Steps to Find the Decision Maker in Any Company

The PersistIQ Team provides a process for narrowing your search and targeting the right people you should be selling to within any organization.

Save Time By Starting Strong

Jill Konrath explains we have to learn how to work in a world where we are constantly being rewarded for going off task.

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