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Stand Up. You'll Think Faster

Get on your feet to get more sales.

Salvage Something From Quick Blow Off's

Here's what to do when a prospect quickly blows you off the phone.

Stay in the "Zone"

Art shares an imporatant lesson about success.

Money Questions You Can Use

Avoid wasted time, effort and lost sales by ensuring they really do have the money to buy what you are selling.

Let Google Be Your Sales Research Assistant, For Free

Doing your homework before you make a sales call has never been easier. And the good news is, the bigger the account, the more information you can uncover.  Sales trainer Jim Meisenheimer explains how.

How To Set Yourself Apart and Build Relationships

Join the ranks of the sales elite. Invest in yourself and your career. Get some "Skin In The Game" and watch your sales grow.

How To Create Openings That Grab Interest

To be effective, your opening statement must answer the question: If I do business with you, what’s in it for me?

Creating Interest With the "Critical Problem"

95% of sales reps use the product- or benefit-opening. But what your prospects really wants, is a solution to a major problem they have.

Prepare Them Positively For What They'll Hear

Be certain you’re not now in the habit of negatively preconditioning your listeners. Instead, get in the habit of generating an atmosphere in which your listeners will view information in a positive way.

A Unique Voice Mail Technique

A real-life sales rep shares their method for making voice mail work for them.