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Closing Question Examples

Here are some suggestions for questions you can ask to help close the sale.

If You Can't Get the Sale Today, Get Commitment for the Future Sale

You can't always close on every sales call, but you can increase you chances for getting the ultimate sale by asking the right questions.

Uncover Their Reasons for Buying

You increase your chances of getting the sale when you understand their buying motivations.  Here are some questions to help you do just that.

Continue Getting Information

A simple tip for getting your customers and prospects to provide more information to help you move them further through the buying process.

Your Delivery Says It All!

Getting the answers to your questions requires not only good planning, but good delivery as well.

A Questioning Mistake

Did you know you may be making these common questioning mistakes?

Be Like Picasso When Positioning Value

Here’s how Pablo Picasso dealt with the price objection. We all can learn from it.

How to Handle Gatekeeper Objections and Questions

Learn how to get the gatekeeper to dialogue with you and to help you gather additional clues on how to deal with their objections.

Your Own "R&R" Days Could Yield Similar Success

Find out how one company increased it's new business by 40% by implementing a simple weekly program.

Be Careful of How You Answer

Be careful when answering a question posed by a prospect, as what you say can either help or hinder your sales efforts.