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Present Alternatives

One method for overcoming price resistance is to provide alternative options for the prospect.

How Important is Price to Them?

Most people do not buy solely on price. Therefore, find out out how important it is.

The "Bottom Line" on Price

Here are a few interesting items on price and value that appeared in "Bottom Line Business."

Closing Techniques To Get The Sale

You can master every other aspect of sales, but unless you can close you'll be missing out on dollars. Here are some closing tips for you.

Being Prepared When They Call You Back

Here's a tip for never being caught unaware by a return call from a prospect.

Keep Deadlines Secret

Don't give up your ability to negotiate by tipping the prospect off to your deadlines.

How to Get the Competition's Customers To Call You

Even if they already have a supplier and do not intend to change, you can still lay the groundwork for future business.  Here's how.

Stand Up. You'll Think Faster

Get on your feet to get more sales.

Salvage Something From Quick Blow Off's

Here's what to do when a prospect quickly blows you off the phone.