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Use a "Reverse Testimonial."

Here's how the right way to respond when the prospect makes a negative comment about the competition.

Their Definition is the Only One That Matters

Here's a simple technique for learning what your customers and prospects really mean when they refer to general considerations such as "good quality," "good pricing," etc.

Listen to, and Use, Their Terminology

Another sales pro shares their techniques for generating more sales by listening carefully to the words used by the customer or prospect.

Do You Ever Do This, Or...

Be careful you don't ask questions in a way that confuses the customer or prospect.

Prepare it, Then Leave It

Art shares a simple technique creating better opening statements.

Stop Asking to Ask

Avoid this common question that is not only unnecessary, but makes you look tentative and unconfident.

Not All Questions Are Good Ones. How to Ensure Yours Are

Most good salespeople know that we need to ask questions to be successful. But not all questions are good questions. Some actually lead us down a dead end.

What Makes Them Special?

Think of "special" questions you might ask to gain deeper knowledge about your prospects and customers.

Ideas for Getting Contact Names

Art shares some ideas on getting prospect names even when compan policy won't allow operators to divulge them.

Speak the Language of The Customer

Art shares some examples regrding the need to use the same language your customers actually use.