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This Is the Best Time Ever to Be Using the Phone In Sales

If you’re not using the phone as an integral part of your sales process, regardless of what you sell and the complexity of your sale, you’re probably not as efficient or effective as you could be.

Tips on Making Winning Presentations

Here are three great suggestions for ensuring you have the edge when making presentations to your customers and prospects.

Beware This Time-Killing Email Habit

Constantly checking your email can hinder your sales performance.  Here's how, and what you can do to overcome this time-wasting habit.

When They Get Impatient With Your Questions

You'll get more cooperation when you help them see the benefits of answering your questions.

Stop! Don't Present Yet. Ask Another Question

For salespeople who are quite used to talking incessantly and spouting benefits like a fountain, a tough habit to learn is to resist the tendency to present early, and instead, ask more questions. It does pay off.

Two Terrific Tips

Here are two small but mighty pieces of advice to quickly help you improve your sales performance.

Professionals Use Sales Scripts

The right selling scripts can catapult your sales to the next level. Not using prepared scripts and relying solely on 100% improvisation will block more sales opportunities than you can imagine.

How to Follow-Up After a Mail Campaign

Sales trainer Jim Domanski shows you how to create an effective opening statement to follow-up a preliminary mailing or email contact.

Listen for "Future Tense" Statements as Buying Signals

A strong buying signal to watch out for: when they speak in the present or future tense regarding your product or service, or the other details that would be affected by a purchase. This means that emotionally they already have bought.

Answering "I'm happy with my present supplier."

Art asked some email newsletter subscribers for ideas on how they deal with the objection/stall, "I'm happy with my present supplier." Here are some responses.