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Video Training

Your Video Training includes brief segments featuring a tip or two, and longer lessons up to 10-12 minutes covering a skill in more depth.

There are also a few recurring series. For example, Mythbusters takes a look at a common sales myth, shows why it is a myth, and then tells it like it really is.

A popular humorous recurring character is Al Smolski. Al is a clueless caller who regularly calls Art and makes mistakes each time. Art tries to correct while presenting a sales lesson.

View the Tags to the right to select topics of interest, or simply browse the list below and click on a title to view a video.

What to Say Instead of "I'm Just Checking In With You"

There is no value in calling to just check in. It positions you as a vendor...a salesperson looking to simply sell something. Here's how to have something of value every time you call, and position yourself as a partner. (running time: 4:39)

Success Tips From Fellow Sales Reps

Here are some tips on video from fellow sales reps on gathering Smart intelligence prior to calls, and how to handle the prospect who never gets back to you after good initial conversations. (running time: 3:54)

Turning Inquiries Into Sales

Here's how to follow-up on inquiries, regardless of whether they be by phone, web, mail, or otherwise, and turn them into sales. (running time: 4:15)

Al Smolski Calls Art and Gets a Lesson On How to Open a Follow-Up Call

Our friend, Al Smolski calls Art on a follow-up call, but gets it all wrong. Art shows him the right way. (running time: 5:33)

How to Place Effective Follow-Up Calls

Here is the precise step-by-step process for placing effective follow-up calls, and avoid things like, "I'm just following up to see if you have any questions." (running time: 5:13)

Al Smolski Follows Up on Old Leads from a Previous Sales Rep

Al Smolski is with a new company and again calls Art. He is following up on old leads from a previous sales rep and makes some common mistakes. Listen as Art critiques this call with Al. (running time: 4:51)

How to Set Phone Appointments

Setting an appointment for the next call shows that you mean business. And it's not simply saying, "How about if I call you next Friday?" Here's how to set appointments that stick. (running time: 2:50)

Ask the "Cleansing Question" to Move Prospects Forward or Out

Most of us have prospects in our follow-up file who should not be there, since they waste our time and likely will never move. Here's how to move them forward, or move them out. (running time: 2:45)