Video Training

Your Video Training includes brief segments featuring a tip or two, and longer lessons up to 10-12 minutes covering a skill in more depth.

There are also a few recurring series. For example, Mythbusters takes a look at a common sales myth, shows why it is a myth, and then tells it like it really is.

A popular humorous recurring character is Al Smolski. Al is a clueless caller who regularly calls Art and makes mistakes each time. Art tries to correct while presenting a sales lesson.

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Handling Real Price Objections

Here is the process to follow when you hear real price objections. (running time: 9:44)

How to Stay Motivated

Much of your sales success is due to your attitude. Here are a number of tips to keep your attitude sky-high! (running time: 5:00)

Handling Stalls and Delays

When faced with stalls and delays, many sales reps keep rescheduling the brush off, and continue receiving it on subsequent calls, therefore wasting their time. Here's how to move them forward, or move them out. (running time: 3:11)

Selling Value Instead of Low Price

Here's how to sell the value of your offering instead of price. (running time: 5:26)

Negotiating Without Giving Up Pure Profit

Negotiating is a big part of selling. Here's how to be sure you reach agreements without giving up pure profit. (running time: 5:08)

Brief Tips on Selling at Your Full Price

Art shares a number of brief tips on price: how to state your price so it is not questioned, how to respond when you are asked for a lower price, responding to the early price question, understanding and reacting to simple price comments, and how to help them find the money to pay for what you have. (running time: 5:59)

How to Set Your Call Objectives

Setting your call objectives is an essential, yet simple task that is often overlooked, which can lead to call failure. Here's a simple process to follow. (running time: 2:39)

How to Not Be Stopped by "Fuzzy Phrases"

Quite often we hear responses from prospects that sometimes we interpret as positive, sometimes as negatives, but really, we aren't quite sure what they just meant. Here's how to find out for sure, avoid wasting time, and move the process forward. (running time: 4:25)

Avoid "Cold" Calls; How to Place SMART Calls

Placing "cold" calls is just plain dumb. Here is a crash course on how to "smarten" up your calls so that you are not perceived as a time-wasting salesperson, and have success on your prospecting calls. (running time 6:31)


Here are several quick tips for you on, avoiding claims that can be questioned, turning inquiries into sales, and ensuring the words you choose create interest and not resistance.  (running time: 4:55)

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