Video Training

Your Video Training includes brief segments featuring a tip or two, and longer lessons up to 10-12 minutes covering a skill in more depth.

There are also a few recurring series. For example, Mythbusters takes a look at a common sales myth, shows why it is a myth, and then tells it like it really is.

A popular humorous recurring character is Al Smolski. Al is a clueless caller who regularly calls Art and makes mistakes each time. Art tries to correct while presenting a sales lesson.

View the Tags to the right to select topics of interest, or simply browse the list below and click on a title to view a video.

An Analysis of a Prospecting Call

Art looks at a prospecting call and provides his analysis and recommendations. (running time: 4:26)

How to Prepare Fewer Bids and Proposals, and Win More

Preparing bids and price quotes can take a tremendous amount of time, and of course, are no guarantee you will get the business. Here's how to cut down the number you actually create, and how to win more of them. (running time: 11:20)

How to REALLY Listen and Encourage Them to Talk

Everyone knows how to listen. Why then, are so many people so poor at it? Here are tips on how to listen so that your prospects and customers will tell you exactly what it will take to sell to them. (running time: 7:08)

How to Handle "The Timing Isn't Right Right Now"

We all have heard, "The Timing Isn't Right Right Now." This could be a real objection, or a brush off. Here's how to learn what it really is, and how to deal with it. (running time: 3:40)

What to Say Instead of "I'm Just Checking In With You"

There is no value in calling to just check in. It positions you as a vendor...a salesperson looking to simply sell something. Here's how to have something of value every time you call, and position yourself as a partner. (running time: 4:39)

Responding to "I'm Happy With Who We're Using Now"

Here are suggestions for responding to "I'm Happy With Who We're Using Now." (running time: 3:23)

Questions from Sales Reps on Openings, Early Price Questions

Here are a couple of sales reps who submit questions to Art about opening statements, and handling early questions about price. See the questions, and Art's answers. (running time: 4:10)

How to Answer Screeners' Questions

The screener is the most important person in your life when you are trying to get through to the buyer. Here's how to respond to their questions, particularly, "What's this in reference to?" (running time: 2:08)

Handling Prospects Who are in "Panic Mode"

Think of those prospects who need a proposal or quote, "Right now!" Some of these people indeed are hot prospects, but in other cases you are just wasting time, and that of others, to get what they want, quickly. Here's how to handle this situation. (running time: 6:57)

Closing and Commitment Tips to Move the Sale Forward

You will not close a sale on every call, but if you are going to follow up, you should get commitment of some type every time. Here's how. (running time: 4:38)

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