Video Training

Your Video Training includes brief segments featuring a tip or two, and longer lessons up to 10-12 minutes covering a skill in more depth.

There are also a few recurring series. For example, Mythbusters takes a look at a common sales myth, shows why it is a myth, and then tells it like it really is.

A popular humorous recurring character is Al Smolski. Al is a clueless caller who regularly calls Art and makes mistakes each time. Art tries to correct while presenting a sales lesson.

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Why Your Voice Mails are Ignored, and What to Do Instead

Most voice mails are ignored. And it's usually a result of what the sales rep says. Here is what to do instead to generate interest. (running time: 6:13)

Responding to Price Comments, and Price Objections. There is a Difference

We all receive price comments, such as "Wow, that is expensive," and price objections, "You're price is too high. Can you do better?" There is a difference. In both cases, caving in needlessly gives away pure profit. Here's how to react in both situations, and sell at your price. (running time: 7:13)

Turning Inquiries Into Sales

Here's how to follow-up on inquiries, regardless of whether they be by phone, web, mail, or otherwise, and turn them into sales. (running time: 4:15)

Sales Mythbuster: "Never Ask a Question that Can Be Answered with a No, or One Word"

We're usually told to never ask closed-ended questions. True, for the most part. But there ARE places where closed questions are appropriate. Here's where and how to use them. (running time: 3:58)

Al Smolski Calls Art and Gets a Lesson On How to Open a Follow-Up Call

Our friend, Al Smolski calls Art on a follow-up call, but gets it all wrong. Art shows him the right way. (running time: 5:33)

How to Handle Stalls, Delays, and Brush Off's

When prospects are just trying to brush us off, we need to treat them differently than objections, and be able to quickly identify them so we don't waste time. Here's how. (running time: 6:20)

Size DOES Matter as It Relates to Your Thinking, and Sales Success

Thinking BIG is a characteristic of all the most successful sales pros. Here's how expand your thinking and your paycheck. (running time: 12:33)

Show How to Cut Their Costs to Make More Sales

Cutting costs of course will help someone show more profit. Here are ideas you can use with your customers to sell more. (running time: 3:59)

How to Place Effective Follow-Up Calls

Here is the precise step-by-step process for placing effective follow-up calls, and avoid things like, "I'm just following up to see if you have any questions." (running time: 5:13)

Sales Mythbuster: "Ask if they are the decision maker in the opening"

Some sales training suggests you should start the call by saying, "I understand you are the person there in charge of ____." In actuality, that creates resistance. Here's why, and what you should do instead. (running time: 5:09)

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