Video Training

Your Video Training includes brief segments featuring a tip or two, and longer lessons up to 10-12 minutes covering a skill in more depth.

There are also a few recurring series. For example, Mythbusters takes a look at a common sales myth, shows why it is a myth, and then tells it like it really is.

A popular humorous recurring character is Al Smolski. Al is a clueless caller who regularly calls Art and makes mistakes each time. Art tries to correct while presenting a sales lesson.

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Al Smolski Calls Art and Asks If He Should Ask If It's a Good Time

Al Smolski calls Art  and actually asks a question instead of placing a bad sales call. He asks about asking for time at the beginning of a call. (running time: 5:48)

Why You Should NOT Ask About Budgets

Many sales reps ask about a prospect's or customer's budget. Which usually is not a good idea since it gives them an opportunity to provide a stall or an objection. Instead, you should work on uncovering the need or problem and making it big enough in the person's mind so that they will find the money for what they want. Here's how. (running time: 7:19)

"How are You Today?" Use it Or Not?

Should you ask "How are you?" at the beginning of calls? Here are the pros and cons, and Art's take on the issue. (running time: 5:05)

Video of Questions About Price from a Sales Rep

A fellow sales rep submits some questions via video regarding dealing with price, and price objections, and Art gives his answers. (running time: 8:52)

Art Calls Al Smolski and Coaches Him on Handling the Incoming Call

Art turns the tables and calls Al Smolski to see how he handles the incoming call. As expected, he botches it, and Art then shows him what to do instead. (running time: 8:19)

The Advanced Level of Questioning: The Iceberg Theory

If there's anything advanced in sales, it's going to the next level with your questioning. Art calls it the "Iceberg Theory." And it is not difficult to execute. See how and when to use it to put prospects and customers more into a buying frame of mind. (running time: 8:22)

The Professional Way to Deal With Objections

Here's what really works in addressing objections, and why "overcoming" objections and objection "rebuttals" cause more resistance.

Sales Mythbuster-"Sales and Prospecting By Phone Is Just a Numbers Game"

Too many managers and sales reps believe that prospecting and selling by phone is just a numbers game. It's not. It's a quality game.

Al Smolski Places a Dumb Call to Art

Art receives a call from the clueless sales rep, Al Smolski. It's an example of a "dumb" call, and Art critiques it with Al. (running time: 5:39)

The Mailbag: Questions About Scripts, Best Times to Call

Art answers mailed-in questions about the use of scripts, and the best times to do prospecting. (running time: 3:19)

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