Here's How you Can Get What to Say in Any Sales Situation, In Any Part of the Call, All At Your Fingertips

"I would have easily paid over $25,000 for this collection of sales 'what to say's' if it were available years ago, even if I had to borrow the money."



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Here’s what really annoys me to no end about sales training and sales gurus…

...a lot of what’s out there tells you what you should do.


You should get people to respond to you.

You should create interest.

You should talk about value.

You should place more calls.


Yes, obviously, we know that.

When I was a young, up and coming salesperson, I wanted to know, what do I SAY to do those things? And I still do.

I’ve got zero tolerance for people and information that wastes my time and doesn’t deliver something I can use.

If you’re like most salespeople, you’re that way too.

In my 30+ years in the sales training business, of the thousands of questions I’ve received and continue to get, most them start with some thing like,


What do I say when…

What are some answers for…

What do I say in a voice mail…

How can I overcome the objections when they say..

How do I create interest with…

What are some good lines for…

What do I put in an email to…

What the best way to…

Notice a trend here?

These all deal with exactly what to say in sales conversations and messaging.

It’s not should do. We know what we should do. We want the HOW TO.

It’s a lot easier to sound smooth when you know what to say, instead of freezing up, having your heart drop to the floor, and blabbering some nonsense because you have no clue of what words to use.

Let face it, sales is a performance sport. Words, phrases and sentences are our tools. When you have the right tools, you can confidently perform at the highest level and get what you want.

There are no natural born salespeople. There are just people who have learned WHAT to say, and got good at saying it at the right time.

Most failed sales calls didn’t turn out that way because of a bad product or service, or a customer or prospect who was a jerk. Their reactions are almost always caused by the words of the salesperson.

That’s right. Most salespeople aren’t rejected by a prospect. Most salespeople who get rejected deserved it because they caused it with the words they used.


Or, DIDN'T use.

I’ve been there, have you?

Those times where you totally blow a call because you had a Homer Simpson moment: “Doh!” … and didn’t know what to say.

Or how about completely avoiding placing a call because you weren’t confident, because you didn’t know what to say to get someone interested?

You don’t need to experience any of that again.

What if you could access tried and proven sales techniques with just a few mouse clicks, for virtually any type of sales situation or challenge you run into?

For examples, techniques that you could use on your very next call to get screeners working with you instead of trying to get rid of you?

What if you could pull up examples of proven prospecting email that got a reply, instead of deleted or a spam complaint?

What if after confidently delivering your call opening the prospect said, “Sure, let’s talk,” instead of “I’m not interested?”

How much easier, less painful and stressful, and gratifying would that make your sales calling?

Just think of how many sales calls you would have had a different result with IF YOU JUST KNEW THE RIGHT THINGS TO SAY!


We can’t do anything about the past,
but you can about the future.


I have devoted my entire adult life to researching, studying, practicing, writing about, and teaching what to say and how to say to get more yeses, and less resistance in prospecting and sales.

I have over a thousand books in my library. Not just on sales, but persuasion, negotiation, relationships, questioning, credibility, marketing, psychology, and more. I have studied techniques that trial attorneys use to sway a jury.

I have invested well over $200,000 in attending seminars, workshops and coaching programs.

I have listened to tens of thousands of sales calls.

I have written thousands of tips and articles, and spoken millions of words in over 1500 training programs over the past 30+ years.

And oh, I can sell a little myself. I’ve generated millions of dollars with my words, selling my own services and products. (Which is the hardest thing to sell emotionally, by the way. It’s harder to not take a no personally, when they are saying no to you as the product.)

Does my stuff work?

If you’re not familiar with me, or my material, we could ask the hundreds of thousands of sales pros worldwide—and those that didn’t have sales in their title but needed to do it anyway—who have generated countless millions of dollars in revenue, profits, income and other commitments as a result of using my material.


So what does this all mean to you?


Remember all of those questions I mentioned earlier that I get about what to say in all of these different sales situations?

Well what of you had at your fingertips, the result of pretty much everything I know, and have created in those sales situations?

What if you had access to the most comprehensive collection of what to say messaging for prospecting and inside sales you can use on your own calls?

Messaging that is conversational, non cheesy, and non salesy.

Proven techniques that you’d be comfortable and confident saying, and prospects and customers would engage with, and take action as a result of.

Well, I have created that resource for you, and invite you to have access to it, so you’ll never be at a loss for what say in any sales situation.


I Created Smart Calling Online For You

I am launching my new Smart Calling Online, which is a massive online collection of text, video, and audio word-for-word scripts, sales tips, articles, lessons, examples, , answers, case studies, call makeovers and more.

There is no part of sales and prospecting that isn’t covered. Voice mail, getting to buyers, examples of opening statements, questions, persuasive sales presentations, closes, answers to objections, stalls, resistance, how to follow up, upselling, cross selling, overcoming call reluctance and rejection… and I am just scratching the surface.

And oh, all of this material is categorized by topic, and it’s searchable. So for example, I just did a search on the term, “price objection,” and up came 58 pieces of content, a few videos, an audio, and over 50 articles and posts each dealing with the price objection in some way.

Right now there are over 1600 individual pieces of content available to you, containing well over a couple thousand word-for-word techniques, that most importantly,

Think there are a few in there that can help you get more appointments and close more and larger sales. I guarantee it.

And by the way, you’re not only getting my stuff, but there are over 20 other top experts, the big names, the best of the best who have contributed to my publications over the years.


It's even better than having me personally answering questions!


And when you have access to Smart Calling Online, it’s actually better than having me answer questions for you—there’s no way I can remember everything I wrote and produced.

In fact, when I get a question or prepare for training, I go in here and pull out my own stuff.  (And I’m often impressed with myself. HA!)

I wish I had access to all of this unbelievable sales power when I first started. I would have become wealthy much more quickly, and avoided thousands of hours of learning, failing, and trial and error. I easily would have paid over $25,000 for this, even when I didn’t have the money and would have needed to borrow it.

But you aren’t going to invest anything near that, and you can get instant access to it all, right now.


Get Instant Access Below


OK, if you’re ready to get started, scroll down to the bottom, check out the unbelievable offer I’m making you, and the amazing bonuses.

Or, if you’re the type of person who wants to see more, no problem, I’ve got more details for you below. In fact, I’ve got the titles of every piece of content you’ll get listed below, along with some actual examples of the audios and videos.


The Training Library

This is the massive collection of OVER 1552 text tips, articles, lessons, examples, word-for-word scripts, answers, case studies, call makeovers, and more. If you took just one of these examples and used it to close a big sale, what would that be worth to you?

There will be no reason for you to ever come up empty again when you are looking for exactly the right words to use in virtually any prospecting and sales situation.

Click on the topics below to see the full listing of the posts in that category.

Pre-Call Planning (62 posts) +

Pre-Call Planning

1. Why, Where, and How You Need to Use Scripts
2. A Must-Have Selling Resource
3. Prep Yourself for Prospecting Calls
4. A Search Tool That Looks In Other Places for You
5. Four Tips for Effective Pre-Call Sales Planning
6. Are You PREPARED?
7. Ask Yourself THIS to Determine WHO You REALLY Need to Speak To
8. Are You Providing Personalized, Customized, Tailored Value?
9. Assumptions Can Be Dangerous
10. The Secrets to Cloning Your Best Customers
11. Seven Steps to Building Your Sales Pipeline
12. Change is Constant, and So is Opportunity
13. Script Your Way to Success
14. Check News Items
16. Detective Work: Who Is the Real Decision Maker?
17. Differences Between and Meaning of Dials, Calls, Conversations
18. Do Not Ask if They Are the Decision Maker
19. Do You Sell a Commodity?
20. Don’t Be Paralyzed By Perfect Planning Syndrome
21. Finally! The True Secret to Sales Success Revealed
22. Find Out if They Can and Will Pay Before You Sell Them
23. Finding and Using "Know More" Sales Intelligence
24. Do this Warm Up
25. Get Insider Reviews on Companies
26. Go Through This Pre-Call Checklist
27. Google Search Secrets You Must Use Prior to Your Sales Call
28. Help for Pronouncing Difficult Names
29. How to Define the Value You Deliver
30. How to Find Current, and Past News About Your Prospects and Customers
31. How to Find the "New" Google News
32. How to Find the Names of Decision Makers
33. How to Get The Name
34. How to Get the Real Inside Scoop on Companies
35. How to Stay “In the Present” On
36. Your Calls
37. How to Use Social Engineering On Your Calls
38. How to Use the "New" Google to Plan Your Calls
39. How to Warm Up Your Prospecting Calls
40. Is It Really Worth It?
41. Know WHEN to Start Talking
42. Let Google Be Your Sales Research Assistant, For Free
43. Look for Changes
44. Most Sales Reps Will Not Do This
45. Questions to Ask Yourself Before Calls
46. Searching For Buyers with ZoomInfo
47. The Brutal Truth About Pre-Call Research and Planning
48. The Impact of Benefits
49. The Little Things Are What Set You Apart
50. The Only Tele-Sales Planning Tool You'll Ever Need: The Indispensable
51. The Power of Industry Journals
52. Three Ways to Unlock Your True Value Proposition
53. Untangle Your Tongue
54. What You Can Do to Land More Phone Appointments
55. Use This Tool to Define Qualified Prospects
56. Using LinkedIn to Find New Prospects
57. What Happened to All of My Cache?
58. What’s Obvious to Me that Most Sellers are Blind To
59. Who Should You Really Be Talking To?
60. Why Preparation is Crucial
61. Why You Need a "Planned" Not "Canned" Script
62. Write Out Your Objectives to Evaluate Your Calls
Pre-Buyer Conversations (screeners, voice mail, social engineering) (76 posts) +

Pre-Buyer Conversations (screeners, voice mail, Social Engineering)

1. "And Does He/She Know What This is About?"
2. "What's This in Reference To"?
3. 9 Steps to Selling to the Gatekeepers
4. A Last Resort Gatekeeper Strategy
5. Ask the Screener About The Decision Maker's Preferences
6. A Question for Screeners
7. A Question to Ask the Screener
8. You WILL Encounter Gatekeepers. Here's How to Deal With Them
9. A Shady Voice Mail Technique
10. A Simple Method that Increases Callbacks
11. A Simple Tip to Get Your Emails Noticed
12. A Unique Voice Mail Technique
13. Why Trying to Beat Gatekeepers Ends Up Beating You
14. A Voice Mail Idea
15. Always Thank the Gatekeeper
16. A Disarming Approach
17. Ask For the Contact First, then Explain
18. Four Simple Steps to Find the Decision Maker in Any Company
19. Five Steps to Get Through Caller ID
20. Avoid These Nine Voice Mail Blunders
21. Be Like Donald Trump to Get to Decision Makers
22. How to Sell to Gatekeepers When You Need To
23. Be Politely Assertive With Assistants
24. Browse Their Directory
25. Communicate Instead of Playing Phone "Tag"
26. Create Your Own Radio Commercial
27. CSI: Voice Mail
28. Dealing with the Gatekeeper
29. Dealing with the “Informal Screener”
30. Eight Tips to Get Your P.O. Faster
31. Find Out When They’ll Get Your Message
32. For Screeners with Inquiring Minds
33. Gain Commitment From the Screener
34. Gather Information When You Reach Voicemail
35. Get Gatekeepers to Help You With Social Engineering
36. Get Through More Often by Helping the Screener Do Their Job
37. Getting Your Message to the Buyer
38. Give Them a Good Reason to Return Your Call
39. Handling Unreturned Voice Mail Messages
40. How to Be Smart With Gatekeepers
41. How to Create and Deliver a Killer Voice Mail Message
42. How to Deal With Gatekeeper Objections
43. How to Get Through, and Talk to More Buyers
44. How to Succeed With Gatekeepers
45. How to Use E-Mail and Voice Mail to Get a Return Call From Your Prospects
46. How to Work With Gatekeepers
47. Look for the Screener
48. Make it Easier to Get Through Next Time
49. Make it Easier to Get Through on the Follow-Up Call
50. Nine Voice Mail Success Tips
51. Pique Their Curiosity With Your Voice Mail
52. Refer to the Screener
53. Review Your Message
54. Search for Buyers in Other Areas
55. STOP Being a Sales WIMP
56. Their Assistants Can and Should Be Yours, Too
57. Handling Gatekeeper Questions and Objections
58. They are Judging YOU
59. Three Steps to Using Email to Get Past Voice Mail
60. Treat Them Like Customers
61. Use an Anonymous Email Address for Stealthy Research
62. Use Voice Mail to Learn
63. Voice Mail Success
64. Voice Mail Tactics:
65. Voice Mail Tips
66. Voice Mail Tips From Sales Pros
67. What to Do When the Screener Suggests Emailing the Decision Maker
68. What to Say At the Beginning of a Prospecting Call
69. What We Can Learn from Online Scammers About Prospecting
70. A Tip to Get Through
71. When the Screener Gives You the "Just Send Literature" Brush-Off
72. When They're Gone or Tough to Reach
73. Will You Help Me?
74. Justify the Reason for the Call
75. You Lost Most of Your LinkedIn Contacts
76. Success Tip from a Smart Caller

Voice Mail (44 posts) +

Voice Mail

1. A "Last Resort" Message That Gets Results
2. Do YOUR Messages Have VALUE?
3. Don’t Be Sorry
4. Four Voice Message Techniques That Create the "Itch"
5. Getting Callbacks from Voice Messages
6. Voicemail Sales Tips: Messages That Prompt Callbacks (The WERCS Model)
7. Go Into Voice Mail First
8. Hang Up if You're Not Ready for Voice Mail
9. Seven Tips for Leaving a Good Prospecting Voicemail
10. The Perfect Sales Voicemail Script
11. How to Double Your Voice Mail Call Backs
12. Annoying Voice Mail Messages - How to Create the Perfect One
13. How to Get Prospects to Call You Back
14. Voicemail Tips
15. Ignored-Voicemail Message Experiences From the Field
16. Leave a Question to Get Calls Returned
17. Leaving Messages DOES Work
18. Most Voicemails are Horrible; How to Leave a Compelling One
19. Listen to this horrible cold call voice mail
20. Say More With Less
21. Write Down Your Voice Mail Messages
22. Should You Leave a Toll-Free or Local Number
23. The Five Annoying Voice Mail Messages, And How to Create the Perfect One
24. Their Voice Mail Might Work Even When They Don't
25. An Opening that Works
26. Tips for Voice Mail and Screeners
27. Tips for Your Voice Mail Greeting
28. How To Make Your Voice Mail Message Stand Out From the Clutter
29. Use Voice Mail AND Email
30. How to Use Email and Voice Mail to Get a Return Call
31. Voice Mail and Movie Trailers
32. Voice Mail or Email?
33. Voice Mail Tip
34. Voice Mail Tip that Increases Callbacks
35. Voice Mail: Eight GREAT Tips
36. Voicemail Message Success Tips Objections is Wrong
37. What to Do Instead of Playing Phone "Tag"
38. When Leaving Voice Mail Greeting Instructions
39. A Simple Phrase That Gets More Call-Backs
40. When Your Calls are Not Being Returned, Try this Message
41. Voice Mail Ideas to Use, and Avoid
42. Why Voice Mails are Like Bikinis
43. Write Out Your Messages
44. How to Inspire People to Get Back to You
Interest-Creating Openings (86 posts) +

 Interest-Creating Openings

1. The Worst 13 Words to Use on Sales Calls, According to Data
2. The Smart Call™ Interest-Creating Opening
3. Give This Killer Opening a Try
4. Why, Where, and How You Need to Use Scripts
5. "How Are You?" Use it or Not?
6. Eight Ways to Start a Sales Call So Prospects Don’t Hang Up On You
7. A Bad Opening Statement from an "Expert"
8. Creating Your Effective Escalator Speech
9. A Voicemail/Opening Statement Makeover
10. Tell Them You Are Different in the Opening
11. How to Create Effective Call Scripts
12. How to Avoid "Throwing Up" on Your Prospects
13. How To Grab and Keep Prospects' Attention
14. Introduce Yourself Clearly
15. The Positive Aspects of Negativity
16. Opening Formula
17. Selling When You Are a Start-Up
18. An Opening and Voice Mail Review
19. Two Messaging Technique for Prospecting Calls
20. Do Not Begin the Call With, “I Know You’re Busy…”
21. Defining What Sets You Apart
22. How to Create an Impactful Value Prop
23. How to Grab Anyone's Attention
24. Forget About “Making/Saving Them Money.”
25. Opening Statements - Give Them a Reason WHY
26. Ideas to Make YOU Stand Out from the Crowd
27. You Do Not Need To Apologize For Helping Them
28. A Unique Addition to Your Opening
29. YOU are Not of Interest to Them
30. A Prospecting Opening Idea
31. A Reader's Opening Script
32. A Review of a Prospecting Approach
33. A Review of an Opening Statement
34. A Sales Rep Struggles With the "Numbers Game" Mentality
35. Are You Losing Your Prospects at Hello?
36. An Opener That Might Not Be for Everyone
37. An Opening Success Formula
38. Are You RELEVANT to Your Customers and Prospects?
39. Art's Review of a Prospect Opening
40. Art's Review of an Opening Statement
41. Avoid This Call-Killing Opening Mistake
42. Be Careful of Exaggerated Words
43. Calling Corporate Headquarters
44. Creating Interest With the "Critical Problem"
45. Creating Value Props that Get Them at Hello
46. Do This BEFORE Asking Them for Something
47. Do This With Your Openings Before Using Them
48. Does Your Intro Evoke Interest, Or a Yawn?
49. DON"T Tell Them What You are Selling - At Least Not Yet
50. Don't Apologize
51. Don't Ask This Question in the Opening
52. Following Up on a Catalog Mailing to Existing Customers
53. Give Them a Reason to Stay on the Phone
54. Give Your Opening Statement a Boost
55. Help Them let Down Their Defenses
56. How NOT to Set Appointments
57. How One Rep Used the Smart Calling Process to Craft a Dynamite Opening
58. How To Create Openings That Grab Interest
59. How to Follow-Up After a Mail Campaign
60. If It Sounds Like You Just Wrote It, Write it Again
61. It Worked Yesterday, Today, and Probably Tomorrow
62. Most Callers Botch “The Reason For My Call”
63. Opening Mistake: Asking if They Are Familiar with You
64. Personalize Your Opening to Sell More, More Often
65. Practice Your Openers on Friends, Good Customers
66. Prepare it, Then Leave It
67. Quiz Time: What's Wrong Here?
68. Respect Their Time WITHOUT Losing It
69. Say Something INTERESTING!!!
70. Seven Opening Statement Mistakes to Avoid
71. Should You Ask If It's a Good Time?
72. Should You Go For the appointment In Your Opening?
73. Show the Benefit Before the Question
74. Smart Calling Examples From the Field
75. The Cold Calling Question That Will Cost You the Appointment
76. The McCarthy Opener
77. They Actually Do Not Care About These Things
78. Three Signs That You Have Bad Phone Breath
79. Try Beginning Your Opening Statement With This
80. Turn Your Prospecting Calls Upside Down
81. Two Openers Reviewed
82. Use an Alternative
83. Use the “Humble Approach” In Your Opening
84. What to Say, and Avoid When Prospecting
85. Your Introduction Determines If You Will Get In
86. A Different Kind of Opening Statement
Effective Questioning (193 posts) +

Effective Questioning

1. Prepared Questions Get Better Answers
2. Define What Sets You Apart
3. Communicate at Their Level
4. Don't Ask, Do Tell, To Get Info
5. Ask an Unusual Question
6. Don't Miss on the “Amateur Side”
7. Use Statements to Question
8. If You Want to Win More Sales, STOP Asking These Weak Questions!
9. "One Thing" You Can Do to Get More Sales
10. Sales Qualification Questions You Can Use
11. 24 Powerful Sales Questions to Use
12. Sales Questions to Avoid
13. Stop Your Customers From Leaving With These Three Questions
14. A Few Great Questions
15. How to Personalize Questions for Greater Sales Success
16. A Former FBI Agent's Trick to Spotting a Liar: Listen to How They Say "No"
17. The Only Three Questions You’ll Ever Need (In A First Sales Meeting)
18. A Great Question Before a Proposal
19. A Great Questioning Technique
20. Get Info First
21. A Modification of a Cheesy Sales Tactic
22. A Question to Avoid, That Many Reps Have Been Taught to Use
23. A Questioning Mistake
24. A Simple Response That Helps Ferret Out the Real Decision Makers
25. A Simple Yet Powerful Question to Move Them Forward
26. A Simple, Great Question to Ask Prospects
27. A Subtle Method for Finding Decision Makers
28. A Trial Close
29. All That Matters is What THEY Want
30. An Alternative to "Ask a Few Questions"
31. And Your Result of Using this Would Be...
32. Another Problem Option
33. Another Questioning Mistake
34. Probing and Follow-Up Questions to Use
35. Ask "How?" Instead of "Why?" To Get More Information
36. Ask an Unusual Question
37. Ask the Five Whys to Sell More
38. Ask the Tough Question
39. Ask Them Easier Questions
40. Ask THIS Question if Your Prospect ISN'T a BIG Player
41. Ask What Happens If They Do Nothing
42. Ask What Influenced Them Before
43. Assume They Have the Problem and Ask About It
44. Assume “Dumb” Questions Have Connections You Don’t Yet Understand
45. Avoid Asking About "Needs"
46. Avoid Asking "So What?" Questions
47. Avoid Asking About "Problems" With Their Current Supplier
48. Avoid Go-Nowhere Questions
49. Avoid the Five Worst Prospecting Questions Ever
50. Avoid This Useless Question
51. Avoid “Presentation Questions”
52. Bad Questions Cause People to Clam Up
53. Be Sure Your First Contact Is Sold
54. Beware Presenting When You Should be Questioning
55. Can They Pay for It?
56. Closing Question Examples
57. Commitment and Closing Questions
58. Continue Getting Information
59. Create Your Own Hypothetical Questions
60. Direct Questions Get Useful Answers
61. Discussing the Competition
62. Do Not Ask What They Like Best About Their Vendor
63. Do You Ever Do This, Or...
64. Don't Ask Questions that Lead You Nowhere
65. DON'T Ask Them if Their Satisfied
66. Don't Assume You Know What They Want
67. Dumb Questions Create Objections
68. Economize Your Questions
69. Effective Questioning Tips
70. Eight of the Greatest Sales Questions of All Time
71. Eight Questions You Can Use
72. Ensure the Sale
73. Find Out Why They Asked the Question
74. Follow-Up Questions Get Better Information
75. Get Agreement
76. Get Better Answers with Better Questions
77. Get Information from Inquirers
78. Get Information from Non Decision-Making Inquirers
79. Get More, and Better Information With Open-Ended Questions
80. Get Quality Answers With Quality Questions
81. Get Them Thinking and Talking About Their Urgency to Solve Their Problem
82. Get Them to Give You the REAL Reason for Thier Resistance
83. Get Them to Open Up With This Great Question
84. Get to the Buying Motivator Quickly
85. Get Two Levels of Agreement
86. Go to a Deeper Need Level with "Analysis Questions"
87. Great Questions to Get and Keep them Talking
88. Help Them Overcome Roadblocks
89. Help Them Realize They Have Nothing to Fear
90. Help Them See a Problem
91. Here’s “One Thing” To Help You
92. High-Value Questions to Ask
93. HOW Do You Affect Their Bottom Line?
94. How to Ask Questions in Order to Soften the Prospect
95. How to Be Like Dr. Phil and Sell More
96. How to Lead with Your Highest Priced/best Offering, Without Assumptions
97. How to Let a Customer Out of a Lie
98. Simple Questions That Are Incredibly Effective
99. How to Preface Your Money Questions
100. How to Sell the Premium Choice
101. How to Uncover Competitor's Prices
102. How Well Can You Shift On Your Calls?
103. If You Can't Get the Sale Today, Get Commitment for the Future Sale
104. Is this Technique "Cheesey"?
105. Just Try It
106. Lead with Your Highest Priced/best Offering, Without Assumptions
107. Learn Exactly How to Win the Business
108. Learn the Reason Behind Their Question Before Elaborating
109. Learn Their Buying Progression
110. Money Questions You Can Use
111. More Questions to Use
112. More Quick Questioning Tips
113. Never Assume What They Want Without Asking
114. Not All Questions Are Good Ones. How to Ensure Yours Are
115. OK Then, Go Ahead and Ask About Problems
116. One of the Best Sales Questions Ever
117. Present Opposite Choices
118. Question the Implications Of Their Problem
119. Question Their Buying Signals
120. Question to Avoid, and a Better Option
121. Question to Get More Detail
122. Questioning About Their Present Vendor
123. Questioning Deep Gets Big Results
124. Questions That Help Them SEE Results in Advance
125. Questions You Can Use
126. Quick Questioning Tip
127. Record Your Questions To Test Them
128. Responding to "What Are You Selling?"
129. Sell More By Asking “Why?” and “How?”
130. Selling During Challenging Times
131. Selling is Just Like Shopping for a Gift
132. Should You Ask for Their Time?
133. Simple Questions That Get to the Point
134. Sometimes What You Do Not Say is More Persuasive
135. Stop Asking to Ask
136. Stop! Don't Present Yet. Ask Another Question
137. The 12 Deadly Sins of Questioning
138. The Almost Universal Answer for Tough Questions
139. The Critical Connection
140. The Most Powerful Forms of Questioning
141. The Quality of Your Question Determines the Quality of Your Answer
142. The “Three Sentence” Rule
143. Their Definition is the Only One That Matters
144. Three Great Questions
145. Tips From A College Attendee
146. How to Get People to Sell Themselves
147. Turn Cancellations Into Sales
148. Uncover Their Reasons for Buying
149. Use “Funnel Questioning” to Dig Really Deep
150. Use the "Linked"Question to Lead Them
151. Use the Iceberg Theory of Questioning To Get The Best Information
152. Use THIS Questioning Technique to Get Better Information
153. Using Closed and Open-Ended Questions
154. A Gutsy Question to Help You Qualify and Save Time Before Wasting It
155. Using “Why?” Without Sounding Argumentative
156. Questions from a Reader About Questions
157. Want to Get GREAT Answers? Then Give Them THE Finger
158. Ways to Begin Questions
159. What Annoys Them
160. What Does "No" Mean?
161. What IS Their Problem?
162. What Makes Them Special?
163. Are You Asking The Right Questions The Wrong Way?
164. What Viagra Has to Do With Bigger Sales
165. THIS is What Prospects are Most Interested in Talking About
166. What's Your Differential Advantage?
167. When They Get Impatient With Your Questions
168. Ask “Analysis” to Find Real Buying Motives
169. Questions That Get Results
170. When Will They Receive Your Message?
171. The No-Risk Question that Overcomes Resistance
172. When You're the Higher-Priced Alternative...
173. Unearth More Information With a Simple Phrase
174. Your Four Keys to Building Rapport With Prospects and Customers
175. Who’s the Decision-Maker?
176. Find the Real Decision Makers Without Insulting Anyone
177. Why Should They Buy From You?
178. Think, and Ask in Terms of the Decision Making PROCESS
179. Words to Avoid
180. A Qualifying Question to Ask Inquirers
181. Words to Begin Questions
182. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True...
183. When They Ask Why They Should Buy from YOU
184. Your Delivery Says It All!
185. Help Them Visualize the Result
186. How to Use Surveys to Understand the Needs of Your Customers
187. Don’t Qualify for Budget Early
188. Stop Your Customers From Leaving With These Three Questions
189. Asking About Needs Doesn't Get Them
190. The Three Tough Sales Questions I Should Have Asked
191. How To Know Where You Stand
192. Prospects Not Opening Up? It Could Be You
193. What is the REAL Determining Factor
Listening (52 posts) +


1. "Frustrating," "Annoying," "Unusable" Three Clue Words that Lead to Sales
2. 7 Tips for Exceptional Note-Taking
3. Listen for Tone On Voice Mail
4. A Sales Rep's Success Story
5. Not Listening is Annoying to Your Prospects
6. An Overlooked Source Of Great Leads
7. Beware of Negative Listening
8. Be Customer-Centric, Not "Nice"
9. Beware Making AND Voicing Assumptions
10. Break Your Bad Listening Habits
11. Leveraging The “Nice To Haves”
12. Control the Call - By Listening
13. Get More Sales by Shutting Up
14. Determine if They're Bored
15. Don't Ask Questions That Have Already Been Answered
16. Don't Listen Negatively
17. DON'T Offer UNSOLICITED Advice
18. Don't Question and Listen Habitually and Unconsciously
19. Four Listening Tips
20. Here's What Happens When You "Shut Up and Listen"
21. How to Listen Your Way to More Sales
22. How to Sell More by Talking Less
23. It Helped This Sales Pro to Just "Shut Up and Listen"
24. Listen for "Future Tense" Statements as Buying Signals
25. The Amazing Communication Power of the Pause
26. Listen for Their "Problem Trigger" Words
27. Listen for These Type of Statements As Buying Signals
28. Listen Like a Homicide Detective
29. Listen to Their Choice of Words
30. Listen to, and Use, Their Terminology
31. Listen Up!
32. Listen With Your Mind, Not Just With Your Actions
33. Listen Your Way to More Sales
34. Listening Tips for Sales Success
35. Mirror Them to Really Connect
36. Oblige Them When They're Looking for Kudos
37. Pay Close Attention to the "Out of Office" Reply
38. Play the Telephone Like a Violinist
39. Quick Listening Tip
40. Recognizing Buying Signals
41. Slow Down Your Listening
42. Stop Selling So Hard. Just Let Them Buy
43. The "Mechanics" of Sales Communication
44. The Real "Magic" of Selling
45. This Skill is Much More Important Than Talking
46. What You Do Not Say Increases Your Sales
47. When They Lower Their Voice, Listen Closely
48. Why You Should Listen With Your Pen
49. You Shouldn’t Interrupt. They Can
50. Selling to Distracted People
51. You'll Sell More When You See the Window of Dissatisfaction™
52. How to Practice “Extreme Listening”
Persuasive Sales Recommendations (187 posts) +

Persuasive Sales Recommendation

1. Present ONLY After Doing This
2. "Tell Me About It"
3. A Magic Word To Help Close The Sale
4. A Tale of Two Banks
5. A Totally Underutilized Strategy to Optimize Sales
6. Use “Experience Engineering to Be More Persuasive
7. Aim Higher for Bigger Results
8. An Embarrassing Experience I Learned From
9. Answer These Questions About All the Levels of Buyers and Influencers
10. Are You Moving Too Fast Too Early on Calls?
11. Are You Pitching a Commodity or Do You Sell Real Value?
12. STOP Giving Away Pure Profit!
13. Are You Unintentionally Calling Your Customers and Prospects Liars?
14. Avoid Statements That Are Easily-Challenged
15. Avoid This Weak Language That Erodes Credibility
16. Do the Math For Them
17. Be Aware of Your Vocabulary
18. Be Careful of How You Discuss the Competition
19. Be Like a Waiter and Ask for the Order
20. Be Prepared for Major Problems
21. Be Sure Your Examples Are All About THEM
22. Become Proficient at Reading Moods By Phone
23. Being Prepared When They Call You Back
24. Building Credibility With Your Prospects
25. Can You Back Up What You Claim?
26. Case Study: Assuming the Sale on the Inbound Call
27. Cell Phone or Landline?
28. Characteristics of the Best Conversationalists
29. Check Press Releases to Find Contact Names
30. Commonly Confused Words
31. Communication Errors
32. Confirm Your Agreements
33. Create Urgency in Your Sales Message
34. Dealing With a Challenging Economic Environment
35. Define Your Experience
36. Determine if Literature is Worthwhile
37. Do Not Invite Further Stalls
38. Do You Always Call With Something of Value?
39. Do You Have Any Clue As to Why People Buy What You Sell?
40. Do You Sell the Same Way to Everyone?
41. Don't Invite Objections
42. Don't Lie About the Purpose of the Call
43. Don't Quit Selling BEFORE They Quit Buying
44. Don't Say These Three Things on Prospecting Calls
45. Don't Talk Your Way OUT Of the Sale
46. Don't Try to Be All Things to All Buyers
47. Elevator Speeches, Unique Selling Propositions, and Value Propositions
48. Eliminate These Three Deadly Words From Your Calls
49. Email Addiction is Dangerous
50. Everyone Should Sell "Like a Girl"
51. Five Quick Tips to Get Ahead Faster
52. Follow the Message With a Call
53. Forget "High-Tech," Think "High-Touch"
54. Get Clarification on Their Name
55. Get Referrals from Within Their Company
56. Give Better Information on Your Message
57. Give Complete Attention to the Call
58. Have the Order Form Out
59. Help Them Realize the Cost/Pain of Delaying
60. How Fear of Loss is Hurting Your Sales
61. How Fellow Sales Pros are Profiting from LinkedIn Your Win Rates
62. How to Approach Past Customers
63. How to Avoid Losing the Deal With Your Demos
64. How to Build Telesales Relationships With Your Customers
65. How to Double or Even Triple Your Win Rates
66. How to Eloquently Dump a Prospect
67. How to Find, and Sell the Real Buyer When You Get an RFP
68. How to Get Through To High Level Decision Makers
69. How to Get Thrown Out of a Bar
70. How to Help Them Make the Best Choice: You
71. How to Implement Your Personal Marketing "Stay In Touch" Program
72. How to Increase the Average Order Size of Every Sale
73. How to Increase Your Sales By 50% in 2014
74. How to Keep the Door Open After Losing a Sale
75. How to Make “Eye Contact” By Phone
76. How to Not Rush the Sale, AND Get it Quicker
77. How to Quickly Build Credibility
78. How to Respond to Their Silence
79. How to Salvage Something From A Quick Blow Off
80. How to Sell Effectively Using Evaluations and Demos
81. I Finally Had the Guts to Ask This Sales Question — The Answer Surprised Me
82. If I Were the Queen of Sales, I'd Ban This
83. If They are Still Buying, Keep Selling
84. If You Think Sales is a Numbers Game, You’re Wrong
85. If You THINK You Sell a Commodity, Read This
86. Increase Sales to Current Customers
87. It's All About HOW You Say It
88. Jim Blows a Call: His Annual Blunder
89. Just Answer the Request!
90. Keep Things Simple to Sell More
91. Learn a New Language: Theirs
92. Let Them Feel in Control
93. Link the Closing Action to The Benefit
94. Listen to Their Hold Message
95. Locating the REAL Decision Makers
96. Maintain a "Referral File"
97. Make Recommendations Instead of Presentations
98. Make Your Presentations Come to Life
99. More Follow-Up Call Tips
100. Multitasking is Actually Hurting Your Productivity
101. Multiply THIS to Multiply Your Sales
102. Names: Why You Should Verify Their Spelling
103. Negative Assumptions Usually Come True
104. Not "I." Use "You" Instead
105. On Using Email Effectively in Sales/Telesales
106. Repeat Your Point for Impact
107. One of Your Most Persuasive Sales Words
108. People Buy From Those They Like
109. Persuasive Presentation Tips
110. Practice "Humanizing" Your Calls
111. Practice the Fundamentals During Challenging Times
112. Prepare Them Positively For What They'll Hear
113. Preparing for the "Send Info" Resistance
114. Present Just a Few Benefits
115. Professionals Use Sales Scripts
116. Put Yourself on Their Level
117. Read Your Email Later
118. Reframe Your Questions When Hit With Early Resistance
119. Remind Them of What They Want to Avoid
120. Replay the Calls
121. Riding the Recession Tidal Wave in Sales 2.0
122. Sales Mistake: Calling the Prospect's Baby Ugly
123. Say the Price Like You Mean That's the Price
124. Sell On a Complaint Call? Sure!
125. Seven Quick Acting Tips for Selling More
126. Seven Steps to Cold Calling Follow-ups
127. Seven Ways to Tear Down the "Wall of Defensiveness"
128. Shocking Secrets of Sales Superstars
129. Should You Use Your Photos on Business Cards and Websites?
130. Sit and Grow Rich
131. Smile Your Way to Sales and Life Success
132. Some Time-Tested Sales Success Ideas
133. Speak the Language of The Customer
134. Stay Sharp at All Times
135. How to Take the Prospect's Temperature
136. Stockbroker Ideas To Use
137. Takes Notes on What they Say, AND Mean
138. The "People Are Interested in Other People" Principle
139. The Biggest Goof Sellers Make When Dealing with Hot Prospects
140. The Perfect Time to Be a Contrarian
141. The Quickest and Most-Underutilized Way to Increase Sales
142. The Simple Secret To Getting Through and Connecting
143. The Theory of Credibility
144. The Top Three Ways to Lose Really Easy Sales
145. The Truth Behind Traditional Linear Telesales
146. There's No Replacement for the Phone
147. Think to Yourself
148. Think, Act, and Ask Large
149. Three Words That Will Lead to Your Sales Success
150. Tips for the Most Effective Note-Taking
151. Tips From the Trenches
152. Turn Resistance Into a Win-Win Deal
153. Two Minutes and 49 Seconds Results in $32,000
154. Two Terrific Tips
155. Understand the WHAT and WHY of Sales to Make More of Them
156. Take Away Their Skepticism
157. Unprofessional Words and Phrases to Avoid
158. Use "You" Instead of "I"??
159. Use a "Reverse Testimonial."
160. Use Examples and Proof to Sell
161. Use Statements to Get Information
162. Avoid Getting Beat Up on Price
163. Using "Invest" Instead of "Spend"
164. Using Fear as a Motivator
165. Want to Be Great? Use Your Imagination
166. What are You Thinking Before Calls?
167. What Baseball and Sales Have in Common
168. What Dr. Phil Would Do On Telesales Calls
169. What Most Salespeople Are Blind To
170. What to Do When They Are Not the Decision Maker
171. What You Say Online IS Your Reputation
172. When They Mention Numbers
173. Address Concerns Before They Do
174. Why You Must Frame Your Sales Conversations With Assumptions
175. Words and Phrases to Avoid
176. You Already Have Your Best Prospect List
177. You Might Speak in More of a Monotone Than You Realize
178. Don't Fall Into the Feature-Dumping Trap
179. Your Own "R&R" Days Could Yield Similar Success
180. “Keep Us in Mind” Is Worthless, and What to Do Instead
181. Want to Sell Big? Then Think SMALL
182. Five Strategies to Prevent Your Hot Prospects from Turning Cold
183. Asking About Timeframes Too Early Can Lose the Sale
184. Two Words to Avoid When Talking to Prospects and Customers
185. Don't Let Instant Gratification Cost You Sales
186. Six Tasks to Do Every Day in 2018 To Sell More
187. Borrowing a Technique from Stand-Up Comics
Closing and Commitment (100 posts) +

Closing and Commitment

1. "I Want to Talk it Over"
2. A Conversational Close
3. Try This Close
4. A Direct Closing Question
5. This Negative Technique CAN be used Positively When Done Correctly
6. A Trial Closing Question
7. How to Tell if It's a Hot Prospect or Time Waster
8. Agree on the Next Action
9. Get Them to Forecast Buying From You
10. Alternatives to "Have a Nice Day"
11. Always Ask for the Business
12. How Do You Know When They Are Done Buying?
13. Calling to Confirm, Or Cancel?
14. Always Fully Qualify on the First Call
15. An Alternate “Alternate Choice Close”
16. Closing Question To Get Action
17. Ask This Question to Gauge Them
18. Closing More Inquiries
19. The Greatest Closing Question Ever
20. Attach Time Frames to Make Wishes Realities
21. Get a Commitment Now for the Future
22. Be Certain You Qualify on the First Call
23. Just Close It
24. Case Study of an Appointment-Setting Call
25. Close Early and Often, or Wait A While?
26. Closing Tips for the Phone
27. Closing Suggestions
28. Closing Techniques To Get The Sale
29. Commitment Questions You Can Use
30. Commitments Mean Good Follow Ups
31. Dealing with the "Master Stallers"
32. Do They Feel Good?
33. Does This Sound Good to You?
34. Don't Be Afraid of the Direct, Tough Questions
35. Don't Be Like the Seahawks. Be Sure to Finish
36. Don't Just Wish, ASK
37. Don't “Always Be Closing.” But When You Do, Do it Well
38. Eight Methods for Asking for the Sale
39. Find the Reason for the Delay
40. Five Rules For Ending Your Calls
41. Get Agreement on Two Levels
42. Get Commitment, Not Permission
43. Get the Money Today
44. Handling “Send Me Something”
45. Have Alternative Recommendations Available
46. Help Customers to Buy Now, Not Later
47. Help Them Make Their Own Decision
48. Help Them See More Reasons TO Buy than Not
49. How to Advance the Sale
50. How to Avoid Getting Gut-Punched
51. How to Avoid Surprises
52. How To Build Credibility In the Customer's Mind
53. How to Ensure Good Follow-Up Calls
54. How to Get Ahead By Simply Asking (The Right Way) Objections is Wrong
55. How to Get Ramblers OFF the Phone
56. How to Handle Procrastinating Prospects
57. How to Minimize Your Prospect's Risk
58. How to Not Fall Victim to a Time-Wasting Stall
59. How to Script Out Your Close
60. Leave a FINAL Message
61. Link the Commitment/Action to the Benefit
62. Money Questions Make You Money
63. More Closing Ideas for Your Script
64. NOT Asking for the Sale Leads to Anxiety...THEIRS
65. Not Asking, But GIVING an Appointment
66. Practice Your Closing and Commitment Lines
67. Questions To Get Prospects to Take Action (and keep the sales cycle going)
68. Quick Tips for Moving the Relationship Forward
69. Remember WHY You are There
70. Restate Their Need or Problem Before Your Recommendation
71. So, When Should You Follow Up With Them?
72. Before Agreeing To A Concession, Get A Commitment To Buy
73. Solidify the Commitment
74. The "Buying Bridge" Theory
75. The Correct Way to Set Up Next Steps
76. The REAL Numbers Game in Sales
77. The Two Levels of Agreement Needed to Close
78. This Close Helps them Sell Themselves
79. Tie the Commitment to the Benefit and Action
80. To Get Action Link the Closing Action to The Benefit
81. Handling The “I Need to Discuss It With Someone Else” Response
82. Understanding the Buying Stages
83. Urgency Sells
84. Use Their Words
85. Want to Get Your Message to the Buyer? ASK
86. What Next?
87. What to Do When They Continue Putting You Off
88. You Start With Nothing Anyway, So Why Not Ask?
89. What to Say When the Proposal is Stalled
90. When Should You Call Back?
91. When to Let Go
92. When to Set the Next Follow-Up Call
93. Why a "Maybe" Can Be Worse Than a "No"
94. A One-Word Upsell
95. Ask How They Feel About Their Decision
96. Why Your Demos Don't Convert to Sales
97. Will You Ask for More Decisions?
98. You Will Get What You Ask For
99. Present Alternatives To Sell More
100. One Little Commitment That Can Have Huge Impact Over Time
Objections (110 posts) +


1. Confuse Them to Answer Objections
2. Lead with Your Highest Priced/best Offering, Without Assumptions
3. How to Root Out the Real Objection
4. Objections Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
5. If They Claim They Can Get it Cheaper, Ask Them to Explain What They Get
6. Question Like a Trial Lawyer to Get Great Information
7. How to Avoid Creating Objections for Your Prospects
8. When You Encounter a Prospect Who is Entrenched With a Long-Time Vendor.
9. Avoid Objections When Prospecting
10. "No" Means Maybe
11. "We Already Work With Someone Else for That. "
12. A REALLY BIG Blow-Off
13. A Simple Strategy for Really Tough Questions
14. A Strategy for When They are Happy With Their Vendor
15. Add Credibility to Your Sales Messages
16. Addressing the "No Budget" Challenge
17. An Objection-Answering Idea
18. An Objection-Handling Idea
19. Answering "I'm happy with my present supplier."
20. Answering the Tough Questions
21. Answering “We're Happy With Who We're Using”
22. Ask Them for a Solution
23. Assume Dumb Questions Have Connections You Don't Yet Understand
24. Assume that Your Prospect is Already Working With a Competitor.
25. Assume They Have a Problem or Need
26. Avoid Negotiating Your Price
27. Be Like Picasso When Positioning Value
28. Be Prepared for the "Better Price" Question
29. Become an Alternate Source
30. Blow Away the Objection Before They Bring It Up
31. Cheaper Now, But Ultimately More Expensive
32. Common Objections Mistakes, and the Consultative, Alternative
33. Confuse Them to Answer Objections
34. Deal With Hostile Resistance Diplomatically
35. Deal With Objections By Being Skeptical
36. Dealing With Price Resistance
37. Dealing With Resistance
38. Determine if Their Deal is For Real
39. Determining the Reason for the Objection
40. Diffuse Tension With "Softening Statements"
41. Don't Give In to Simple Price Statements
42. Don't Give the Impression You Will Price-Negotiate
43. Eliminating the "No need" Objection
44. Five Great Power Phrases You Can Use Now
45. Five Steps to Handling the Price Objection
46. Focus on the Price Difference
47. Focus on the Reasons for Wanting to Buy, Not the Resistance
48. Focus on Why They Say What They Do
49. Get Off of Price and On to Value
50. Get Them Talking About Resistance
51. Get Them Thinking About What They Really Want
52. Getting to the Decision Maker
53. Give Them Choices
54. Handling "I am not interested."
55. Handling "We're Happy With Who We're Using"
56. Handling a Tough Question by Changing the Subject, Successfully
57. Handling Early Resistance
58. Handling Genuine Concerns, and Resistance
59. Handling The Early Price Question
60. Handling the Price Objection
61. Happy With Their Present Supplier? Try THIS
62. Help Them Realize the True Value of Paying Your Higher Price Today
63. Help Them Understand What's Most Important
64. How Important is Price to Them?
65. How to Address the "We Had a Bad Experience With You" Objection
66. How to Avoid Being "Chopped"
67. How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of
68. How to Communicate A Lower Price
69. How to Differentiate, Even if You Sell a Commodity
70. How to Discuss the Competition
71. How to Get Past an Impasse
72. How to Get Their Mind Off Cost
73. How to Get Them to Doubt Their Objection
74. How to Handle Difficult Questions
75. How to Handle Early Resistance
76. How to Handle Gatekeeper Objections and Questions
77. How to Handle the"Silent Treatment" From Prospects
78. How to Handle “Let Me Think About It”
79. How To Leave The Door Open After a Lost Sale
80. How to Question the Lower Competitive Price
81. How to Say You are Cheaper Without Sounding Cheap
82. How to Sound Smooth in Difficult Situations
83. How to Steal Business From the Competition
84. How to Turn a Negative Into a Positive
85. How You Say the Price Determines How It Is Perceived
86. If You Are Not The Lowest-Priced, Show The Long-Term Savings
87. Ignoring a Brush Off Returns Dividends
88. Interesting Quotes on Wants- and Needs-Based Decision Making
89. Is "No" Forever?
90. Lesson from a Hard-Sell Telephone Pitchman
91. More Objection Tips
92. More Objection-Handling Strategies
93. Most of What Is Taught About Handling Objections is Wrong
94. Negotiation Tips
95. Never Assume They Can't Afford It
96. Objection-Handling Strategies
97. Overcome Objections With the Parrot Technique
98. Pinpoint the Roadblock
99. Pre-Empt the Resistance
100. Prepare for Possible Answers
101. Preparing When You are Likely to Run Into Resistance
102. Present Alternatives
103. Question the Objections
104. Question their Resistance
105. React to Resistance, But Don't Reply to It
106. Read This if Your Price is Higher Than the Competition
107. Recontact Low-Price Buyers
108. Repeat the Question
109. Don't be Threatening When Responding to an Objection
110. Replying to “I’m Not Interested”
111. Responding to "Let Me Think About It"
112. Responding to “I don’t need it”
113. Responding When They Are Happy With Who They Buy from Now
114. Responses to “Can You Do it for Less?”
115. Sell On the Value Your Customers Receive, Not on the Lowest Price
116. Seven Types of "No's," and How to Avoid Them
117. Show The Long-Term Savings If You Are Not The Lowest-Priced
118. STOP Training Your Customers Ask for Price Concessions
119. The "Bottom Line" on Price
120. The "I Want to Keep it Local" Objection
121. The "Key" to Being Smooth on Calls
122. The Best Way to Deal With Objections
123. There are No Price Objections, Only Value Questions
124. Tips for Addressing Resistance, Tough Questions, Objections
125. Try to Understand Objections to Answer Them
126. Turn-Around Phrases That Work
127. Uncover the Competitive Price
128. Unload the Loaded Question
129. Use Numbers to Spice Up Your Value Prop
130. Use Positive Preconditioning
131. Use These Positive Words to Get Results
132. Use “Invest” Instead of "Spend"
133. Using a Martial Arts Technique to Diffuse and Avoid Resistance
134. What if It Was YOUR Money?
135. What to Do When They Don't Perceive the Savings as Significant
136. What to Do When They ONLY Care About Price
137. What to Do When They Say They Can't Buy Today
138. What to Do When They've Decided to Go With Another Solution
139. What to Do When You Win, or Lose, the Sale
140. What’s the Price?
141. When It Comes to Price, More CAN Be Less
142. When Sounding Dumb Works
143. When They Are Satisfied With Their Vendor
144. Help Them Doubt Their Choice
145. The Price Objection
146. When They Try to Beat Your Price Down
147. When They're Happy...
148. Why "Not in the Budget" is NOT a Problem
149. Help Them to See Value, Not Price
150. Why a Blow-Off Doesn't Always Mean a No-Sale
151. Why You Should Stop "Selling With Your Own Wallet"
152. You Control How They View Your Price
153. You Don't Earn Commission on Sending Out Literature
154. You Don't Have to Negotiate Your Price
155. Get them to Elaborate
156. You Might Be Inviting Them Them To Ask For A Better Price
157. YOU Need to Be Sold On Your Price and Value
158. “Don’t Ever Call Me Again” Rejection Strategies
159. “There's No Money In the Budget”
160. Objection - Handling Technique from a Political Pundit
161. Answer this Question ...
162. A 400 Year-Old “Trick” to Be More Persuasive
163. An Awesome Response to "What Does It Cost?"
164. Be Fascinated, Not Frustrated
Stalls and Resistance (28 posts) +

Stalls and Resistance

1. 50 Shades of Delay
2. A Great Response to “We Already Have a Provider”
3. Are They Stalling?
4. Avoid Being a Doormat with Procrastinating Prospects
5. Building Rapport With Small Talk
6. Dissolve Their Resistance With THIS Simple Technique
7. Five Warning Signs Your Sales Opportunity Won't Close
8. Handling Delays
9. Handling the "I need to speak with my partner" Stall
10. Handling the “Send me something” Stall Objections is Wrong
11. Happy With Their Current Vendor? Then Ask Them This
12. A Simple Way to Deal With Brush Off's
13. Help Get Them Off The Fence
14. Let Them Talk
15. Be Vague When Hit With Resistance
16. When You ARE Familiar With The Competition
17. When You’re Not Familiar With the Competitor
18. Answering a Stall
19. Yes, You Can “Do Better Than That”
20. Another Early Price Question Response
21. Responding When They're Happy With Their Vendor
22. A Few Words On Price
23. What to Do When They Press You on Price
24. HOW are They Different?
25. Tell Them They’re Wrong in a Roundabout Way
26. Competing Against the Cheaper Online Vendors
27. Reacting to a Brush Off
28. Be Conversational, Not Confrontational
Follow-Up Calls (70 posts) +

Follow-Up Calls

1. Sending a Pre-Approach Letter, and How to Follow Up
2. A Brilliant Method of Ensuring the Follow-Up
3. A Different Approach for Follow Up Calls
4. An Email That Got the Prospect Engaged
5. Are You “Shoulding” All Over the Place?
6. Secure the Renewal Early
7. How to Inspire People to Get Back to You
8. Are Your Customers USING Your Product?
9. What to Do When a Prospect or Customer Quits Responding
10. Are Your Follow-Ups Accomplishments or Just Activities?
11. Use the Email to Summarize
12. Avoid Clogging Up Your Follow-Up Files With Non-Buyers
13. Record the Time In Your Notes
14. Avoid Just Touching Base
15. How To REALLY Set Yourself Apart and Build Value-Based Relationships
16. Avoid These Fatal Follow-Up Mistakes
17. How to Keep in Touch Without Harassing People
18. Business Cards Can Bring Huge Returns
19. A "Personal" Personal Touch Story
20. Call The Ones You Didn’t Get
21. Little Things Lead to BIG Sales
22. Communicate After Hours with the Personal Touch
23. Dealing with Prospects Who Disappear into "The Black Hole"
24. Doing a "Pre-Call Touch" Can Almost Guarantee a Response
25. Don't Fall Into the "Send Me Something" Trap
26. Now Is The Time To Plant Seeds
27. Don't Lose Interest After the Sale
28. Email Tips for Handling Prospects Who Suddenly Go Cold
29. Fax a Reminder Message
30. Follow Up On Inquiries Quickly When Their Interest is Hottest
31. Follow-Up and Social Media Tips
32. Get Them Committed to the Follow-Up
33. Getting Through to Buyers; Follow-Up Best Practices
34. Getting to Buyers: Follow-Up Best Practices
35. Great Source of "New" Leads
36. How Long Before Following Up?
37. How Often Should You Keep In Touch?
38. How to Avoid Cancelled and Rescheduled Appointments
39. How to Create and Build Client Relationships
40. How to Follow Up on Proposals Without Saying "How's It Going?"
41. How to Keep the Door Open After Losing a Sale
42. How to Prevent Appointments From Cancelling
43. How to Revive Cold Leads
44. Ideas for Effective Follow-ups
45. Ideas for More Effective Follow Ups
46. It Pays to Purge Your Follow-Up Files
47. Make It a Point to Call New Customers
48. Persistence or Pest? How Often Should You Follow Up
49. Purge Your Account Files
50. Question About "Touching Base"
51. Question to Set Up the Next Call
52. Send a Reminder Message
53. Send the Agenda
54. Six Common Follow-Up Errors
55. Talk to the Same Assistant
56. The Easiest Way to Keep in Touch Without Harassing People
57. The Right Way to Send Follow-Up Materials
58. The Rights and Wrongs of Following Up on Sales Leads
59. Three Sales Follow-Up Strategies to Avoid "Just touching base."
60. Two Important Tips to Help You Close More Inquiries
61. Unsuccessful Webinars & Demonstrations: When you Lose, Get a Win!
62. How Your Prospects Really Want You to Follow Up With Them
63. Use Email to Summarize
64. Want to Have Better Follow-up Calls? Have Better Previous Calls.
65. How to Really Move the Sale Forward
66. What To Say on the Next Call Instead of "I'm Just Following Up"
67. When They Don't Keep the Follow-Up Call Appointment
68. When You Are Referred to the Actual Buyer
69. Prevent Hot Sales Opportunities From Turning Cold
70. How to Inspire People to Get Back to You
Attitude, Motivation, Call Reluctance, and Rejection (156 posts) +

 Attitude, Motivation, Call Reluctance, and Rejection

1. Turning Failures Into Opportunities and Eliminating "Rejection"
2. Use Sports Psychology to Bust Out of a Slump
3. How to Stop Being Afraid of "No"
4. Keep Your Attitude at a High Level - Every Day
5. A Brief Story on Attitude
6. A Simple Strategy to Turn Lost Sales Into Sales Success
7. Achieving "Flow"
8. Act Like a Child Learning to Walk
9. Think About What is Really Important to Get Over a Fear of "No"
10. An Affirmation We Should All Keep in Mind
11. To Be a Top Earner, Do These Things
12. Are You Dreaming?
13. Seven Invaluable Life Lessons: My Husband’s Legacy
14. Are You Selling Like a Child? Maybe You Should Be
15. How To Cope With The No's
16. Art's Message After 9/11
17. The Most Productive Sellers Do This
18. Art's Take on The State of Inside Sales
19. Ask These Questions When You Feel Down
20. Change Your Outlook to Avoid Rejection
21. Ask, Ask Large, and Ask Often - After You Question
22. Avoiding Call Reluctance and Rejection
23. Try This to Persevere During Tough Times
24. Be Like the Toddler Learning to Walk
25. Beat Call Reluctance
26. Beat Your Competition With This Game-Changing Strategy
27. Big Expectations Get Big Results
28. Breakfast For The Attitude
29. Changes in the Use of the Phone in Sales Over the Years.
30. Close More Deals By Doing This
31. Do You Have These Characteristics of Superior Salespeople?
32. Do You Hear Compliments?
33. Do You SOUND Like You Want Them to Buy From You?
34. Don't Be a Perfectionist, Be an "Optimalist"
35. Don't Believe Everything You Read
36. Don't Fear Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
37. Don't Let Up During the Holidays, People Are Buying!
38. Don't Prejudge, or Be Intimidated
39. Don't Wait for Your Environment to Change, YOU Need to Change.
40. Don't Let Self Limiting Perceptions Transform Into Very Real Behavior
41. Don’t Make Assumptions Before a Call
42. Don’t Say No to Opportunities
43. Eight Factors To Help You Close More Sales
44. Ever Feel Down After a Call?
45. Every Day is Still Game Day for This Ex- College Football Player
46. Focus On The PEOPLE You Are Selling To
47. Get a Load of This Person's Call Volume
48. Get Caught Up in the Excitement!
49. Get It Done By Making It Personal
50. Get More Animated!
51. Get Rid of Negative Emotions
52. Getting Out of the Doldrums
53. Slow Down, Unplug, Take Interest, Really Connect, and Make a Difference
54. Good Things Happen to Those Who Call
55. Guess Who Got the Business?
56. How I Succeeded In Sales and How You Can Too
57. How Many of These "Superior Salesperson" Characteristics Do You Possess?
58. How to Achieve Unreachable Goals
59. How to Be Great
60. How to Break the Fear of Cold Calling
61. How to Deal With the Fear of Failing
62. How to Differentiate Yourself, Even if You Sell a Commodity
63. How to Fire Yourself Up
64. How to Get Lucky in Sales
65. How to Get Rid of the Avoidance Behavior that Hinders Your Sales
66. How to Increase Production in 2014
67. How to Kick Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone
68. How to Look at Failure In Order to Increase Sales
69. How to Make a Quantum Leap
70. How to Overcome the Fear of Calling
71. How to React to Negatives and/or Failures
72. How To Set Yourself Apart and Build Relationships
73. How to Sound Great ALL Day
74. How to Turn Around an Under-Performing Territory
75. In a Sales Funk? Put On the Brakes and Snap Out Of It!
76. Jim Crashes and Burns On His Own Call, But Learns
77. Keep THIS in Mind
78. Never Settle For "Good Enough"
79. Nine Way to Make a "Quantum Leap" in Your Sales Efforts
80. Nothing is Impossible, Unless YOU Think it Is
81. Play Some Games to Make Prospeting Fun
82. Positive Speech Helps Your Attitude
83. Prejudging Leads Can Be Dangerous
84. Prepare a "Not to Do" List to Manage Time
85. Put Excitement in Your Statements
86. Quotes on Taking Action
87. Remember: Gratefulness Leads to GREAT-FULL-NESS
88. Review Your Past Inspirations
89. Selling Can Be a Real Beach
90. Selling in Gym Shorts and T-Shirt
91. Set the Tone for Better Sales
92. Seven Paradoxical Sales Principles
93. Similarities Between Getting Sold-Out Sporting Event Tickets, Sales
94. Stand Up. You'll Think Faster
95. Stay in the "Zone"
96. STILL Think Cold Calling Doesn't Work? This Will Prove You Wrong
97. Stop Sitting Around Waiting for Business
98. Success Lessons from Donald Trump
99. Success Wisdom
100. Talking Too Much Can Cost You
101. The 10 Reasons Why You Don't Sell as Much as You Could (or Should)
102. The Vital Few Vs. The Trivial Many
103. Dreaming for Success
104. The Way WILL Appear Once YOU Get in Motion
105. The Year-End Stretch - Even If Its Just Begun
106. Their Perception is Their Reality
107. They're Going to Buy Someday
108. Think You Can't Spend All Day On the Phone?
109. THIS is HOW You Differentiate Your Offering
110. This Is the Best Time Ever to Be Using the Phone In Sales
111. THIS Rep is Proud to Sell "Cheap Crap"
112. Three Steps to Building Your Self-Confidence
113. Three Words to Ditch to Improve Sales
114. To Get Motivated, Listen to Yourself
115. Try This if You're Feeling Stale
116. Turning a Bad Sales Habit Into a Good One
117. Turning Failures Into Opportunities and Eliminating Rejection
118. Use "Puppy Love" to Become More Enthusiastic
119. What Keeps Salespeople Performing at Low Levels
120. Use the "Gambling Method" of Handling Rejection
121. Ways to Fire Yourself Up
122. What Extraordinarily Successful Sales Reps Do
123. What Superstar Sales Reps Never Say
124. What ‘American’ Should Mean to You
125. When Things Don't Go Your Way...
126. Why "Embracing Rejection" is Stupid
127. Why Little Things Lead to BIG Results
128. Why Telepathy and Sales DON'T Mix
129. Maybe You are Just Boring
130. Why Yoda Would Have Made a GREAT Sales Rep
131. Don't Allow Familiarity to Breed Contempt
132. Why You MUST Cold Call AND How to Do It the RIGHT Way
133. Why You Need to Get More Animated!
134. Sales Superstars Never Believe or Say This
135. Do You Want to be Safe or Successful?
136. Why You Should Have an Assumptive Attitude
137. Would You Commit?
138. You Are The Captain Of Your Own Attitude
139. You Get Out of Sales Precisely What You Put Into It
140. Words That Can Kill Sales
141. Your Call IS Important
142. Forget Sales Goals, Set Activity Goals
143. Don’t Sabotage Your Prospecting
144. Your New Year's Resolutions Should Start Today
145. Your Very Next Call
146. Breaking a Slump
147. “Shameless Tactics” You Should Avoid
148. What You NEED to Remind Yourself Before EVERY Call
149. “Small” Could Be Just In Your Thinking
150. Don't Suffer from Seasonal CALLergies
151. Read Your Way to Success
152. Deal With Your Fear of Calling By Viewing it as Ridiculous
153. More Self-Improvement Ideas
154. Only One in Seven Salespeople Perform This Critical Activity. Do You?
155. Be Like This College Football Recruiter
156. Do This If You Are Not 100% Thrilled With Your Current Results
Inside Sales (8 posts) +

Inside Sales

1. 10 Common Inside Sales Mistakes
2. 11 Mistakes Sales Reps Should Avoid
3. 20 Buyer Do’s and Don’ts
4. 20 Characteristics of a Superior Inside Salesperson
5. 21 Actions to Kick Start Your Sales
6. Question From a Sales Pro About Call Frequency
7. The Sad Increase in "Telemarketing" Type Calls
8. How to Get New Business From Your Best, and Easiest Sources
Referrals (13 posts) +


1. 3 Guidelines for Asking for Referrals By Phone
2. A Coward's Guide to Getting More Referrals
3. Have Them Send an Email to Refer You On
4. How to Get More Referrals and Turn Them Into Customers
5. Increase Your Chances for Getting Referrals
6. Referrals: How to Get More of Them, and Sell to Them
7. Responding to “What is it that you do?” for More Referrals and Sales
8. Six Ways to Passively Get a Referral
9. What to Do When Being Referred Elsewhere
10. You Can Ask for And Get Referrals When Hearing a NO on Prospecting Calls
11. Your Best Source of New Business Loves You
12. Plant the Seed for Future Referrals
13. How to Get Five Times More Business From Referrals
Time Management (30 posts) +

Time Management

1. 3 Strategies to Stop To-Do List Overwhelm
2. Avoid This Brain-Draining Distraction to Increase Sales Productivity
3. Beware This Time-Killing Email Habit
4. Do Your After-Hours Homework
5. Clock the Time You Actually Are Talking to Prospects And Customers
6. Don't Make a Call Just To Set Up Another Call
7. Get More Done With These Tips
8. Get More Accomplished By Setting Time for "Other Duties"
9. Get More Done In Less Time
10. Get Right to the Beep To Save Time
11. Save Time By Single Tasking
12. Getting It All Done
13. This Challenge Could Save You Two Hours Daily
14. How to Deal With Avoidance Behavior
15. Know When and How to say "No"
16. Plan for Your Off-Phone Time
17. The "One More" Strategy
18. Purge Your Follow-Up Files
19. Sales Productivity: Stop Wasting Your Time on This
20. Use The Pomodoro Technique
21. Start Another List to Better Control Your Time
22. Time Management Tips for the Phone
23. Time Management Tip
24. Try the “Sprint 51” to Make Your Prospecting Easier
25. Save Time By Starting Strong
26. Use the Phone Correctly So You'll Save Time AND Make Money
27. Don't Let Numbers Make You Numb
28. Which of These Time Wasters Can You Cut Out?
29. How To Get The Long-Winded Person Back To Business
30. The Most Wonderful Time of the Sales Year: NOW
Brief Tips (192 posts) +

Brief Tips

These are tips that could fit in some of the other sections, but we placed them here because of their brevity. Typically these will be just a paragraph or two, containing several, or even just one word-for-word example.
1. Notes Help Your Memory
2. The Buyer's Lament
3. 10 Tips for Successful Negotiating
4. Sort Prospects By Who They Now Buy From
5. Best Times to Call
6. "I Meant To…"
7. Psychological Principles That Make People More Likely to Buy
8. "I'm Looking at Your Site Right Now."
9. A Purchasing Agent's View of How to Sell To Them
10. Are You Sitting Down for This?
11. A Question to Ask Purchasing
12. Listen for This Lead Source
13. A Simple Exercise for Creating Value Propositions
14. Land More Sales With a Landline
15. A Simple Way to Get Your Messages Noticed
16. Say THIS, not THAT
17. A Tip for Calming a Child, and Prospect
18. Does Your Prospect Truly Understand You?
19. ALL That Matters is What the Customer Feels and Thinks
20. How Do YOU Look by Phone?
21. Always Get a Message
22. An Idea for Getting Referrals
23. Annoying Habits Distract Listeners
24. Don't Distract Your Listeners With Annoying Speech Habits
25. Ask About Others in the Decision-Making Process
26. Put Them in the Picture So They Pay Attention
27. Ask About the Problem, Not IF they Have It
28. Poor Word Choice Can Kill Your Chances for The Sale
29. Ask BIG!
30. Ask Them to Cancel Their Other Order When They Buy Elsewhere
31. Asking “Why?” Without Sounding Argumentative
32. Avoid The Clichés
33. Avoid the Maybe's and Get Movement
34. Have a Sense of Humor About Your Difficult Name
35. Avoid the Negative Self-Talk
36. Avoid Your Own Vague Statements
37. Be Careful With Grandiloquent Words (Like that One)
38. Be More Interesting to Your Listeners
39. Beware of Bad Online Sales Advice
40. Beware of Decisions that Can Kill Sales
41. Brief Tips
42. Calling "Mystery Accounts"
43. Calling After Lost Sales
44. Check Their Memberships
45. Communicate After Dark
46. Communicate Bad News Positively
47. Communicate Precisely
48. Compare Your Advantages Directly
49. Create the Optimal Impression with Your Voice
50. Do They KNOW You Want Their Business?
51. Do You Make Your Customers Say "Huh?"
52. DON"T Try to Sell on Your Cell
53. Don't Assume Anything About Company Names, Prospect Titles
54. Don't Be “Talking Spam”
55. Don't Let the Guarantee Be The Main Reason for Buying
56. Don't Promise a Call
57. DON'T Spit Out Your Presentation Too Quickly
58. Don't Think Out Loud
59. Don't Waste Money On Hold
60. Don’t Confuse Them
61. Email Yourself
62. End "No Sale" Calls By Planting a Seed
63. Enhancing Your Phone Image
64. Example of a Great Value Statement
65. Fail-Safe Ways to Open a Call
66. Fill Dead Air and Build Rapport
67. Find Out Who the Real Decision Maker Is
68. Follow Your Buyers
69. Get a Commitment When Setting the Follow-Up
70. Get a Decision of Some Type, Even if It's The No
71. Get Agreement on What They Want
72. Get and Keep them Talking
73. Get the Renewal Early
74. Get Them to Move
75. Hand-Write Your Fax Message
76. Have a Sense of Humor About Your Difficult Name
77. Have an “Asking Competition” to Boost Fun and Sales
78. Help for Those Who Speak TOO Fast
79. Help Your Contacts Sell You to Other Decision Makers
80. Here's a Place to Look on Their Site for Decision Maker Names
81. How Do You Prevent Loss or Fear of It?
82. How Little Things Can Mean Everything
83. How to Answer When You Have No Clue
84. How to Avoid Rejection
85. How to Be First By Coming In last
86. How to Build Credibility
87. How to Get Them Wondering AND Buying
88. How to Gracefully End the Call
89. How to Protect Your Voice
90. How to Think Like the Wealthiest Sales Reps
91. How to Write the Numbers Persuasively
92. Ideas for Getting Contact Names
93. Imply an Emotion
94. Investigate in Other Departments
95. Is Your Voice Boring?
96. It's Good to Love Your Customers...But
97. Lessons from Luntz
98. Let Them Put You On Hold
99. Listen to Their Greeting
100. Little Annoyances
101. Lock in the Sale Today, Even When It Won't Happen for a While
102. Looking Back at Telephone Selling Through the Years
103. Make it All About Them
104. Making Assumptions on Names Can Burn You
105. Minimize your use of "I" statements
106. Miss the Name and You Might Miss the Sale
107. Money Questions to Use
108. MORE Tips From Fellow Sales Pros
109. More Words to Avoid
110. Offer Good. Better and Best Options to Customers and Prospects
111. Other Word Ideas
112. Painful. That's the Idea. Count Your “Um's”
113. Paraphrase When Negotiating
114. Personalize Your Questions
115. Practice Whispering
116. Prepare For Voice Mail
117. Present Opposite Choices When Questioning
118. Put Them in the Picture
119. Question from a Member On Speaking Too Fast
120. Question the Lower Competitive Price
121. Questions to get agreement
122. Responding to a "No"
123. Review When Interrupted
124. Respect Your Past Customers
125. Sales Tips From "Marketing Magic"
126. Selling at the Speed of Sound
127. Send it Only When There's Potential
128. Shift To Value From a Price Discussion
129. Sign Your Messages
130. Soften the Impact of a Negative
131. Some Great Word Tips
132. Sounding Like a Salesperson Creates Resistance
133. Speak in Specific Terms
134. Speak to Them in THEIR Language NOT Yours!
135. Speaking Too Fast
136. Stand Firm Early When Negotiating
137. Strategies to Turn Around Objections
138. t's OK to Ask THESE Closed Questions
139. Take Care of Your Voice
140. Talk With Outside Sales Reps
141. Tell Them How to Read Competing Proposals
142. Ten Terrific Tips
143. The Paddle Has Dual Purposes
144. The Power of Threes
145. The REAL Reason Most People Buy
146. The SHOCKING Method That Nets Greater Sales
147. They Didn't Get The Sale
148. They Understand Their Own Language
149. They're Judging You On This
150. This Article is "For You"
151. Beware of Those Using You To Get a Better Price From Their Vendor
152. Three, Three, Three
153. Tips for More Persuasive Language
154. Tips from a Telesales College Attendee
155. Try This Commitment Question
156. Turn Words into Actions With Time Frames
157. The MOST Effective Way to Communicate
158. Uhhh, Read This
159. Go for the Sale Every Time
160. Use "Results Language"
161. Use "When" Instead of "If"
162. Use a Deeper Tone for Impact
163. Use Photos to Help Visualize Them
164. Several Success Tips
165. Do NOT Think Out Loud
166. Call a Friendly Voice First
167. Use Their Voice Mail Greetings to Generate MORE Sales
168. Use Verbs, Not Nouns, to Create Interest
169. Stand Up for Success
170. Using Small Talk to Build Rapport
171. Vary Your Rate of Speech
172. Verify the Spelling
173. What Kindergarten Already Taught You About Selling
174. A Point to ALWAYS Remember About Sales
175. Watch Your Language
176. The REAL Reason People Buy
177. What are Screeners Saying About You?
178. What to Do About “Time Robbers”
179. What to Do BEFORE Giving Up on Go-Nowhere Prospects
180. What to Do When They Come Back to You
181. What's In a Name? Probably More Than You Think!
182. When Frustrated By Electronic Switchboards...
183. When Your Time is What You Sell . . .
184. Win the Business from a Competitor
185. Would You Alienate a Customer for Ten Cents?
186. YOU are Not of Interest to Them
187. You Can Buy Them Breakfast
188. Help Them Read the Other Proposals
189. Your Greeting Sets the Tone for the Call
190. Help Them Get Pumped-Up About What You Have to Offer
191. Bridge the Visual Gap
192. Communication Blunders to Avoid
Prospecting (145 posts) +


1. "Cold" Calling Might be Dead, But Not Smart Calling
2. How to Get Prospects to Pay Attention to Your Outreach
3. "Keep us in mind" is a Worthless Phrase
4. "Numbers Game" Prospecting Is Not Effective
5. How to Connect With Hard To Reach Clients
6. A Review of a Failed Prospecting Call
7. 11 Ideas for Greater Prospecting Results
8. 10 Valid Business Reasons for Interrupting Them
9. 15 Tips To Help Get Over Prospecting Procrastination
10. The Cure for the Common Blow-Off
11. 3 Early Bird Tactics to Uncover New Sales Opportunities
12. Salvage Something From Quick Blow Off's
13. A Little-Known Secret About Getting Direct Numbers
14. A “Pre-Call Touch” Can Almost Guarantee a Response
15. The ABC’s of Finding the Hottest Prospects
16. Are You "Just Trying to Sell Them Something"?
17. Are You Trying To Sell By Email Instead of Calling?
18. Are Your Presentation Slides Boring People to Tears?
19. Send a Letter Before a Prospecting Call, Or Just Make the Call?
20. When and How to Send Something in Advance of a Prospecting Call
21. Avoid Everything This Clueless Caller Did
22. “Take Me Off Your List. Never Call Me Again.”
23. Be a Multi-Media Persuader
24. Be Careful of How You Answer
25. Here's Why to Place the Call
26. Beware! Your True Intentions are Showing
27. Breaking the "You Guys" and "How are You Today?" Habits
28. Call High and Wide to Reach Your Buyers
29. Call These People For Quick Success When Prospecting
30. Call When They're By Their Phone
31. Case Study of a Prospecting Call
32. Close Sales by Evaluation Faster through this Process
33. Connect With More Prospects More Often
34. Create Value Propositions by Measuring Before and After Results
35. Creating Interest When You Don't Know Their Problems
36. Dealing With Someone Who Has No Real Buying Authority: Part I
37. Dial a Wrong Number Intentionally
38. Don't Cave in To Get the Deal
39. Don't Forget to Actually Sell When Doing Web Demos
40. Don't Qualify for Budget Too Early
41. Eight TIps for Using Email Effectively as Part of Your Sales Process
42. Find Out Why They Need to See References
43. Find the Person Who Owns the Problem
44. Finding the Power Buyers Within a Company
45. Five Questions To Score Yourself as a Salesperson
46. Focus on Customer Objectives Instead of Hurtful Pain
47. Focus on the POSITIVES
48. Get MORE Appointments in LESS Time
49. Get Personal With Your Benefits
50. Get Their Attention
51. Get Their Buying Projections
52. Get Them Interested
53. Give Out Referrals, and Get Them As Well
54. Help Make Decisions Easier for Your Prospects
55. Help Their Assistants Assist You in Making More Sales
56. Help Them See Savings
57. Help Wanted: Prospects
58. How One Failing Salesperson Became invaluable
59. How to Be a Problem-Solver
60. How to Bring Integrity Back to Selling
61. Words Your Prospects Love to Hear
62. How to Build Instant Credibility
63. How to Diplomatically Dump a Prospect
64. How to Effectively Use Email in Telesales
65. How to Fill Your Pipeline With Prospects that You Already Have
66. How To Follow-Up and Not Be a Stalker
67. How to Become Familiar to Your Prospects
68. How to Get In The Door and Create An Impression
69. How to Get Information Online That Helps You Sell
70. How to Get the Competition's Customers To Call You
71. How to Handle Rushed Prospects Who Say "Just Tell Me What You Have."
72. How to Locate the Decision Makers
73. How to NOT Use Mail Before a Call
74. How to Pass the "Tell Me More" Test
75. How to Recognize and Diffuse Hidden Pressures in Cold Calling
76. How to Sell When the Ultimate Decision Maker is Protected
77. How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle
78. How to Stop Cold Calls from Feeling Intrusive
79. How to Use LinkedIn to Find Qualified Leads
80. Identify "Trigger Events"
81. Keep Deadlines Secret
82. Knowing When to Let Go
83. Overcoming the Fear of Calling High Within an Organization
84. Pointing Out Your Disadvantages
85. Presenting Value that Results in Revenue and Referrals
86. Prospecting Pointers
87. Proven Persuasion Techniques
88. Putting the Personal Touch Back Into Sales
89. Question From a Reader About Finding New Business
90. Quit Presenting on Calls, Recommend Instead
91. React, But Don't Reply
92. Recommend What THEY Want, Not What You Want
93. Salesmanship At Its Most Basic Level
94. Salvage Something From Quick Blow Off's
95. Go To Job Posting Sites to Get Great Sales Intel
96. Sell to the Federal Government
97. Selling to Different Levels In the Organization
98. How Not to Get a Meeting, and What TO Do
99. Seven Keys to Effective Emailing When Prospecting
100. Seven Steps For Avoiding Chasing Decision Makers
101. Seven Ways to Get The Buyer's E-Mail Address
102. Should You Drop Names of Others You Have Worked With?
103. Should You Tell Them You Do Business With Their Competition?
104. Six Little Tips to Get You Thinking and Acting BIG
105. Slow Down!
106. Social Media and the "Wussification of Sales"
107. Speak the Language of Their Level
108. Start at the Top, and Question
109. Start High When Smart Calling Into Big Accounts
110. Greetings! —Please read — regarding how to get clients to read your e-mail
111. Thank You for NO Sale
112. The Buyer's Lament: What Your Prospects Really Want
113. The Smart Calling Opening Statement Process
114. The Smart Call™ Interest-Creating Opening
115. The Time Factor in Lead Generation
116. They're Looking for Something to Object To
117. Three Key Elements of a First Prospecting Email
118. Tip From a Reader
119. Create Uniqueness With Commonalities
120. Tips for Writing Successful Sales Emails to a Prospect
121. Tips on Making Winning Presentations
122. Use the “Pretty Ugly” Concept To Stand Out
123. Use This Email to Move Prospects Out of Your Pending File
124. What Does LOVE Have To Do With It?
125. What It Takes to Be in The Top 1%
126. What to Do When EVERYONE Could be a Viable Prospect
127. The Two Types of Salespeople: Hunters and Vegetarians
128. What You MUST Do BEFORE Placing Your Calls
129. When They DO Buy, Be Sure It Is From You
130. Beware of REALLY Bad Prospecting Tips
131. Use Multiple Forms of Messaging
132. When You're Having Trouble Getting Through
133. Which Sales Rep Do YOU Most Resemble?
134. The Power of Daily Prospecting
135. Who REALLY Has the Power to Buy From You?
136. Should You Send a Letter Before a Prospecting Call, Or Just Make the Call?
137. 3 Things To Not Say On Prospecting Calls
138. Why Asking for Their Time is a Bad Idea
139. Why Vague Questions Get Vague Answers
140. A Decision Maker Reveals, “How to Get a Meeting With Me”
141. Why YOUR Prospecting Strategy May be Doing More HARM than Good
142. Your Sales Credibility Will Be Demolished If You Do This
143. A Prospecting Opening Statement Template
144. Increase Your Chance of Reaching Them
145. Buyers Speak Out on Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

Training Videos

In Art's previous exclusive Inner Circle coaching and training group he produced a DVD every other month for two years called "Telesales TV." Each DVD contained 4-5 video training segments, ranging from 4-5 minutes, up to 10-15 minutes.

We later sold those DVD's for $99 each, and $995 for the set of 12. We have taken all 56 of these timeless sales lessons, categorized them, and make them available individually in your Smart Calling Online member portal.

They are ideal for an intro to a sales meeting, to include as part of your sales training, or for individuals looking for sales instruction and answers on specific topics.

Pre-Calling Planning (1 video) +

How to Set Your Call Objectives

The Adventures of The Clueless Caller, Al Smolski (7 videos) +

In what became one of the most popular and entertaining segments of Telesales TV, at the end of many episodes Art would receive a call from the clueless sales rep, Al Smolski.  Al would inevitably make some major mistake that many reps also commit, and then Art would turn it into a sales lesson.

You'll laugh at some of the mistakes that Al makes, but you also might identify with some of them as well. In all cases, you can learn from them, like Al... well sometimes he does.

  1. Al Smolski Calls Art and Asks If He Should Ask If It's a Good Time
  2. Al Smolski Calls Art and Gets a Lesson On How to Open a Follow-Up Call
  3. Al Smolski Follows Up on Old Leads from a Previous Sales Rep
  4. Al Smolski Places a "Market Research" Call
  5. Al Smolski Places a Dumb Call to Art
  6. Al Smolski Places a Sales Call to Art on His Cell. Big Mistake!
  7. Art Calls Al Smolski and Coaches Him on Handling the Incoming Call
Pre-Buyer Conversations (screeners and voice mail) (2 videos) +

Pre-Buyer Conversations (screeners and voice mail)

  1. A Sleazy Voice Mail Tactic to Avoid
  2. How to Answer Screeners' Questions
Interest-Creating Openings (4 videos) +

 Interest-Creating Openings

  1. "How are You Today?" Use it Or Not?
  2. Opening Statement Reviews
  3. Questions from Sales Reps on Openings, Early Price Questions
  4. Scripts: What TO Do, and Avoid, So You Don't Sound Like You're Using One


Effective Questioning (9 videos) +

Effective Questioning

  1. Ask the "Cleansing Question" to Move Prospects Forward or Out
  2. Handling Prospects Who are in "Panic Mode"
  3. How to Really Listen and Encourage them to Talk
  4. How to Not Be Stopped by "Fuzzy Phrases"
  5. How to Prepare Fewer Bids and Proposals, and Win More
  6. Questioning Tip for When They "Need to Speak with Someone Else"
  7. Selling Value Instead of Low Price
  8. Why You Should NOT Ask About Budgets
  9. The Advanced Level of Questioning: The Iceberg Theory (See the actual video below)
Sales Mythbusters (6 videos) +

Sales Mythbuster

In this popular recurring segment of Telesales TV, "Myth Guy" would spout off about a common and often repeated--but wrong--sales myth. Art then sets the record straight about the reality, and what to do.

  1. Sales Mythbuster-"Don't Give Screeners any Information"
  2. Sales Mythbuster-"Sales and Prospecting By Phone Is Just a Numbers Game"
  3. Sales Mythbuster: "Ask if they are the decision maker in the opening"
  4. Sales Mythbuster:"Never Ask a Question that Can Be Answered One Word or No"
  5. Sales Mythbuster: "The Phone Should Only Be Used to Set Appointments"
  6. Sales Mythbuster: "Go Over their Head if They Can't Make the Decision" (see actual video below)


Sales Recommendation and Closing (2 videos) +

Sales Recommendation and Closing


1. Show How to Cut Their Costs to Make More Sales

2. Closing and Commitment Tips to Move the Sale Forward

Objections (10 videos) +


1. Brief Tips on Selling at Your Full Price
2. Handling Stalls and Delays
3. Handling the "Send me some information" Request
4. How to Handle "The Timing Isn't Right Right Now"
5. How to Handle Stalls, Delays, and Brush Off's
6. Negotiating Without Giving Up Pure Profit
7. Responding to "I'm Happy With Who We're Using Now"
8. Responding to Price Comments, and Price Objections. There is a Difference
9. The Professional Way to Deal With Objections
10. Handling Real Price Objections (see actual video below)


Prospecting (3 videos) +


  1. An Analysis of a Prospecting Call
  2. Avoid "Cold" Calls; How to Place SMART Calls
  3. Selling at the Highest Level
Q&A and Brief Tips (6 videos) +

Q&A and Brief Tips

  1. QuickTips
  2. Several Brief Tips
  3. Success Tips From Fellow Sales Reps
  4. The Mailbag: Questions About Scripts, Best Times to Call
  5. The Mailbag: Questions About What to Say and Avoid in Openings
  6. Questions from Sales Reps (see actual video below)
Attitude and Motivation (3 videos) +

 Self-Motivation and Attitude

  1. How to Never Be Rejected Again on a Sales or Prospecting Call
  2. How to Stay Motivated
  3. Size DOES Matter as It Relates to Your Thinking, and Sales Success


Follow-Up Calls (3 videos) +

 Follow-Up Calls

  1. How to Place Effective Follow-Up Calls
  2. How to Set Phone Appointments
  3. Turning Inquiries Into Sales





Nancy Todd

“You have made such a huge difference here. Our people sound so great on the phone. They love your material and it works.”


Nancy Todd Abatement Technologies

Audio Training Lessons

In Art's previous exclusive Inner Circle coaching and training group he also did a series of 22 audio training tips, ranging from 3-8 minutes. He previously sold this as a CD set for $197.

These are also perfect for brief sales meetings, individual training, and for downloading to listen over and over again on your mobile device.

Click on the topics below to see the titles, and hear some examples.

Interest-Creating Opening Statements (8 audios) +

Opening Statements


1. "How are You Today?" Should You Say It, Or Not?

2. Asking for Help: It's Good and Bad

3. Avoiding the "Just Checking In" Opening

4. Do Not Ask if They are the Decision Maker in Your Opening

5. Don't Tell Them What You Can Or Will Do in Your Opening

6. Don't Use the "Cocktail Party" Opening

7.  If I Could Only Give One Piece of Advice to a New Salesperson...

8. Follow-Up Opening to Avoid: "The Lost Traveler Opening." (hear the actual audio below)

Effective Questioning (5 audios) +

Effective Questioning


1. Ask "Assumptive Problem" Questions

2. DO Ask a Question They Can Say "No" To in Order to Save Time

3. Don't Sell on Lowest Price, Be the Least Risk

4. How to Get Your Kids--and Prospects and Customers--Talking

5. Forget About "Benefit Lists." Create a Question List Instead

Sales Recommendations and Closing (3 audios) +

Sales Recommendations and Closing


1. Doing a "Data Dump" Ensures Resistance

2. How to Position What You Say as Credible

3. Get a Commitment to Move the Process Forward


Resistance and Objections (4 audios) +

Resistance and Objections


1. Handling "I Want to Think About It"


2. Handling the "Not now" Objection


3. Handling the "We don't need it" Objection


4. How to Not Cave in to Price Concession Requests


Self Motivation and Attitude (2 audios) +

Self-Motivation and Attitude


1. "Good Enough" Never Is for Sales Superstars


2. How to Never Feel Rejected Again

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