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Several Brief Tips for You

A collection of brief thoughts, rants, and tips.

Should You Be a Name Dropper When Prospecting?

Use ‘em if you got ‘em.  However, be sure the name you drop is similar and identifiable with the listener, otherwise it could backfire.

Want to Change Your Sales and Prospecting Results? Just Move

It's almost impossible to perform at a high level when you are in a state of low energy and depleted emotions.  However, you can change that almost instantly by changing your physiology.

Hotter than the Original Movie or Sequel: "Fifty Shades of Delay"

THIS will most definitely help you in dealing with resistance, put-off's, brush off's, delays, stalls, and real objections.

Fake News? Be More Fearful of Fake Sales Training

There is, and has been a lot of garbage spread about sales and prospecting. You can see an example of this from Heywood Jabuymykrap, the anchor on FSTN, the Fake Sales Training Network. You'll also see the record set straight via video.

I Annoyed This Phone Scammer (Foul Language Warning...his)

These low-lifes are criminals. And they are indirectly affecting your ability to have more success in your profession.

Quit Talking About Your Thing

In emails, InMails, voice mails, and IF they get to actually talk to a buyer, too many salespeople throw up all over themselves pitching the details of their product or service. Their things.

Poor Word Choices Can Kill Your Chances

Depending on the listener—and that’s all that matters in sales—they could judge someone as immature, inexperienced, incompetent... along with more undesirable traits, solely based on a few words they hear.

A Unique Way to Respond to Objections

On my monthly training webinar for my Inner Circle members we were privileged to have Bob Burg, the best-selling author of The Go-Giver,.  He shared lots of great nuggets in his 25 minutes with us. Here are a few of them.


Don't Be Like the Kid Who Can't Light Fireworks

What my neighbor kids were doing is what a lot of salespeople do: using bad material and bad technique. Throwing things out there that really have little chance of igniting.  Here's how to truly fire up your sales performance in the coming year.