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Who Actually Has the Money Problem? Your Prospect, or YOU?

Are you totally sold on your value, and are you ready to project that in every conversation?

Responding to "Why should I buy from you?"

When you are totally ready for this question, you’ll turn a potentially-disastrous sales situation into a positive one for you both.

Seven Steps to Building Your Sales Pipeline, Before the Pipeline Even Exists!

Sam Richter shares a valuable process that can send automated stream of leads to your inbox.

The Clueless Cold Caller, Al Smolski, Phones Art

Today I'm sharing the first episode of the many adventures of Al Smolski. You might pick up a few things as well.

What to Do When You Get Hung Up On

At a training seminar I was asked what to do with a prospect who blows you off the phone, or hangs up on you even before you can get your opening statement out of your mouth.

What to Do When the Prospect Seems Too Good to Be True

Here's a quick video on how to handle these "prospects" so you avoid disappointment, wasted time, and actually convert more into actual sales.

Three Quick Tips for More Effective Follow-Ups

Don't waste your time and theirs by calling to "Just follow up."  Watch this video to learn what to do instead.

11 Quick Prospecting Tips for Greater Results

At a national sales meeting I did on Smart Calling prospecting for outside sales reps, Gary Farnam gave me a list of his takeaways from the session, along with some of the things he always does on his calls. Good stuff!

Are These 10 Strategies "Tricks," or Just Good Salesmanship?

Let’s look at the 10 “tricks” that Matt Brownell warns people about in his Main Street column for MSN Money, and I’ll add my comments.

Need New Business? Start by Filling in the Blanks

I have created a tool that does make developing an interest-creating opening voice mail easier.  And I'm giving it to you, free.