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Quit Being Distracted, and Be More Interesting to Those Who Are

The reality today is that we must operate in the environment where people in general have shorter attention spans than ever. To be effective in sales, we need to proactively counteract that when we are sending, and receiving messages.

How to Take a Quantum Leap to Achieve Things You Never Attempted Before

In this brief video I share some powerful tips from the book, "The Quantum Leap Theory" that might inspire you to do something about what you really want, and are capable of.

Size DOES Matter as It Relates to This

All that limits us is ourselves, and thinking and acting BIG gets BIG results.

In Which of These Three Categories are You In?

I hope you're in the RIGHT category. If not, and you want to be, and are willing to take action, you will.

These Words Can Get You In, or Hung Up On

Actually getting someone on the phone is one of the biggest challenges we have in sales today.  So please, do not shoot yourself in the foot when you at last get that person listening to your greeting.

What I learned about sales on the Fourth, on a houseboat. Try it

Alittle late uploading this, but the lesson still apllies no matter where you live or the time of the year.   Enjoy!

How to Avoid Data Dumping on Your Prospect

In this brief audio tip, hear what to avoid, and what to do instead to engage and be persuasive.

3-min Video on Boosting Self Confidence

I had a question emailed to me about having more confidence on calls. Instead of just sharing the answer with that one person, I thought I’d shoot a quick video.  Enjoy!

Free Special Report: How to Get New Business From Your Best, and Easiest Sources

I have a free Special Report for you. It details how you can get new business from some of your best and easiest sources.

Two Messaging Techniques for Prospecting Calls

Some great info from Mike Weinberg on sounding more confident and effective on your sales calls.