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Avoid This Sales-Killing LinkedIn Mistake

Here's a video dealing with the most common LinkedIn mistake that kills chances of connecting - meaning you will have no shot at selling to them.

People Would Rather Talk About this Than Food or Money

Remember, they buy for their reasons, not yours.

A Buyer Reveals How He Wants to Be Sold To

Don’t sell people the way you want to. Sell the way they want to buy.

How to Listen Like a Homicide Detective

Here's a questioning and listening philosophy and technique used by homicide detectives that you can apply to your own sales efforts.  Watch the video!

You are an Expert at Something. Time to Capitalize on It

I am recommending something that certainly will help in your sales career, and stretches a bit outside the pure sales realm. And it certainly could be life-changing for many sales pros, and anyone, really.

What The Tech People Say is the Key to Selling

As Ryan Deiss, a digital marketing leader, says, the purpose of automation should not be to avoid human interaction, but to have better human-to-human communication.

Proven Persuasion Techniques, Backed By Science

I came across Vanessa Van Edwards, an author, and "behavioral investigator."  I adapted these persuasion ideas--which are backed by science-- from one of her great articles.

Prospecting Cheat-Sheet/Template and Free Webinar Training for You

With this tip, I'm providing massive value on how to effectively place that prospecting Smart Call.

Several Brief Tips for You

A collection of brief thoughts, rants, and tips.

Should You Be a Name Dropper When Prospecting?

Use ‘em if you got ‘em.  However, be sure the name you drop is similar and identifiable with the listener, otherwise it could backfire.