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11 Quick Prospecting Tips for Greater Results

At a national sales meeting I did on Smart Calling prospecting for outside sales reps, Gary Farnam gave me a list of his takeaways from the session, along with some of the things he always does on his calls. Good stuff!

Are These 10 Strategies "Tricks," or Just Good Salesmanship?

Let’s look at the 10 “tricks” that Matt Brownell warns people about in his Main Street column for MSN Money, and I’ll add my comments.

Need New Business? Start by Filling in the Blanks

I have created a tool that does make developing an interest-creating opening voice mail easier.  And I'm giving it to you, free.

Brief Tips From the Smart Calling Report

Here are just a few brief tips from a recent issue.

Smart Calling Video: Extreme Makeover - Phone Prospecting Edition

Follow along as I show the original opening a sales pro sent in for review, and then see how I perform micro-surgery on it, changing the phrasing and explaining why.

Avoid These Words When Quoting Your Price

How you position your price can determine whether or not someone questions it and tries to get you to drop it.

Quit Being Distracted, and Be More Interesting to Those Who Are

The reality today is that we must operate in the environment where people in general have shorter attention spans than ever. To be effective in sales, we need to proactively counteract that when we are sending, and receiving messages.

How to Take a Quantum Leap to Achieve Things You Never Attempted Before

In this brief video I share some powerful tips from the book, "The Quantum Leap Theory" that might inspire you to do something about what you really want, and are capable of.

Size DOES Matter as It Relates to This

All that limits us is ourselves, and thinking and acting BIG gets BIG results.

In Which of These Three Categories are You In?

I hope you're in the RIGHT category. If not, and you want to be, and are willing to take action, you will.