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Several Brief Tips for You

A collection of brief thoughts, rants, and tips.

A Super-Simple Way to Respond to Resistance

The simplest techniques can be so effective.  Sometimes, simply asking them to repeat their objection can help reveal the real reason for their hesitation.

Is This Question Cheesy, or Effective?

"What's it going to take to get your business?"  There are times when you should use it and times when you shouldn't.  Read on to find out how and why.

I Know What You're Thinking

Actually I could NOT know what you're thinking - and neither do you when it comes to your prospects and customers - so here' what we as salespeople need to be dong ALL the time.

How Fellow Sales Pros Handle "I'm Happy with My Supplier

While searching my archives, doing research for my objections training webinar, I came across some great tips shared by fellow sales reps regarding how they handle, “I’m happy with my present supplier.”

Use Seinfeld Techniques to Sell More

Use these situational and observational “Seinfeld” techniques and you’ll find your listeners more engaged, instead of just hearing “Yada, yada, yada.”

There Are Dumb Questions in Service and Sales

Some companies have good intentions regarding their customer contact and service, but apparently they don’t have logical people planning and implementing their strategy and training.

Your Benefits Might Not Be Benefits

Benefits are not universal!  When we present what WE think is a benefit, we could be off-target and create objections.  Many salespeople do.

Getting the Money When They Say There is No Budget

There ARE situations where budget is truly an issue.  In this case you simply need to put on your detective's hat and become a problem-solver to explore how they can come up with the money to buy.

Asking About Their Budget LOSES Sales

When a salesperson asks about a budget, BEFORE someone has reached “Want” mode, they will say the money isn’t available. Money is what is exchanged in proportion to perceived value. If that value is not perceived as high enough, or worse, non-existent, there is no chance any money will be available.